FINAS Hosts the First Ultra Slow-Motion Workshop

Published by Ibnu Mohamed @ 06/08/2015

Director of AV8 Media, Himanshu Shah

The National Film Development Corporation (FINAS) hosted the first “Phantom Flex4K Ultra Slow-Motion” workshop, which was proudly organised by the Singaporean based companies T-Eight, Reelisations, and AV8 Media, together with Malaysia Society of Cinematographers (MySC), Association of Professional Film Workers of Malaysia (PROFIMA), and Editors Club Malaysia on 4th and 5th August 2015.

The workshop was officiated by FINAS’ Director of Creative Content Eco-System Development, Faridah Jaafar. Amongst the notable speakers were an award winning cinematographer, M. Senthilnathan, Director of Reelisations Pte Ltd, Ian Wee, Director of AV8 Media, Himanshu Shah and others.

The workshop highlighted on the Phantom Flex4K, an Academy Award winning technology which shoots at 1,000 frames per second in 4K resolution. It also emphasized on the camera’s total workflow via live demonstrations for prep, shooting and post-production (including colour grading).

Second session was reserved for the “Delivering for Digital Cinema” Conference, which served to inform attendees on the advantages of digital post-production and cinema delivery, while also highlighting areas that need attention to details. Furthermore, the speakers presented professional tips and troubleshooting techniques, as well as the differences between broadcast and cinema workflows at the conference. It also showcased a live demo on how efficient workflows can be executed for easy and high-quality results using RED RAW footage.

More than 300 local and foreign participants attended the workshop in 2 days. The exclusive event was opened by registration only and it was held at Pawagam Mini P.Ramlee, FINAS.