TV3 Partners with AirAsia and Altel to Film Inspiring Telemovie

Published by Ibnu Mohamed @ 29/09/2015

Inspired by a meeting with a 7-year-old cancer patient named Nur Hasmime Abdul Hamid (Mime), TV3 has come up with a campaign to raise awareness and fund for children with cancer through its charity campaign titled ‘Traveling Beruang.’ Along with the noble charity spirit of the campaign, AirAsia has stepped up to be the main sponsor alongside with Altel as the co-sponsor. Apart from raising awareness on children with cancer, the campaign will also focus on raising funds for the children’s treatment and medical cost.

According to Mr Spencer Lee, Chief Commercial of AirAsia, “We in AirAsia alongside with our partners in Tune Insurance are more than happy to be a part of the Travelling Beruang project. We have high hopes on the success of the campaign and helping out children with cancer. We also cannot wait to fly Ungku Ismail Aziz and the production crews to 7 destinations in our network.”

“The miniature of Travelling Beruang is available for purchase on board retailing at RM65 and all proceeds will be channelled to MAKNA to help children with cancer,” he added.

The idea was triggered by the program’s host, Ungku Ismail Aziz during his meeting with Mime. During the campaign, TV3 will film Ungku Ismail who will be traveling to different destinations accompanied by a teddy bear (Traveling Beruang) given to him by Mime. The teddy bear is not just a symbol for Mime’s hope to see the world, but other children that have the same fate as her. The teddy bear is expected to travel to 7 destinations such as Perth (Australia), Lombok (Indonesia), Siam Reap (Cambodia), Chongqing (China), Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) and a few other locations.

The inspiring journey will be updated on the official page of Travelling Beruang and the telefilm is set to be aired on TV3 in November, while two charity screenings will take place on 24th and 25th October at GSC, Tropicana City Mall and TGV The Mines.

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