3rd Young Filmmakers Forum to Discuss Films, Filmmaking, and Digital Creative Content

Published by Ibnu Mohamed @ 03/11/2015

On this coming 24th November 2015, Institute of Arts and Media Studies Malaysia (SEMESTA) in association with Malaysia Digital Film Awards (MDFA), National Film Development Corporation (FINAS), and Creative Content Industry Guilld (CCIG) will be organising the 3rd Young Filmmakers and Digital Content Forum (also known as Young Filmmakers Forum (YFF) at FINAS Sound Stage Studio, Hulu Klang.

The forum is a biennial event that aims to provide critical discussion on films, filmmaking, and digital creative content in Malaysia and beyond; to create a more enlightened community of those involved and interested in the film and creative content industry; as well as to enhance the networking between experienced industry practitioners, young filmmakers and members of the student community.

Among the topics that will be discussed at this year’s YFF are “Bigging Smalls: Shorts Cinema of Malaysia” where it traces the growth of short films in Malaysia, and considers what the future holds for short film practitioners, “Inside Out: Globalising Local Stories” a discussion that looks at the challenges in making local stories appealing to a more universal audience, and “New Directions: Digital Impact on the Mainstream” that talks about how digital technology has impacted mainstream Malaysian cinema and its audiences.

Now, on its third edition, the forum will bring together voices from across the spectrum of Malaysia’s creative industries including Liew Seng Tat (filmmaker, Lelaki Harapan Dunia), Nik Amir Mustapha (filmmaker, Terbaik Dari Langit), Grace Chin (writer, Viddsee), Muzzamer Rahman (filmmaker, Nadia), Effa Desa (film activist, Filemmakers Anonymous) and special guest Winaldo Swastia from Indonesia (filmmaker, Angin), among others.

Furthermore, the Malaysian Digital Film Awards (MDFA), a biennial film awards ceremony that highlights the industry’s best and newest voices and visions will be held in conjuction with the forum. Making its return this year, MDFA is the only event that pits fresh new talent against experienced industry professionals. MDFA’s past winners include Ellie Suriaty Omar with her debut feature effort Penanggal, as well as Paul Gan, the first winner of the Young Filmmaker Award.