The Young Filmmakers Award 2015 Goes to Muzzamer Rahman

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 25/11/2015

The Malaysian Digital Film Awards (MDfA) is a biennial film awards ceremony that highlights the industry’s best and newest voices and visions. This year, the ultimate honour, the Young Filmmakers Award was given to Muzzamer Rahman, who was also a speaker during one of the three sessions at the Young Filmmakers Forum.

Muzzamer who have produced more than 10 short films to-date, also won two other categories, Best Digital Feature Film with ‘Sebatang Pensil Sebiji Oren’ and Best Digital Sound Design with ‘Nadia.’ He applauded the forum as a brilliant initiative to converge young filmmakers as it is really important to discuss on how elevate the Malaysian film industry.

“With the current effort by FINAS, our industry is poised to have better quality and creativity in the long run. Our goal is not to just win awards and hit the box office, but we want our film to be worthwhile. Thus, making short films is the best platform for aspiring filmmakers to express their creativity and it is also the ideal way to learn,” he added.

Speaking of his future plans, the filmmaker reveals that he is planning to debut a drama series about love across cultures and religions, titled ‘Bila Bulan Jatuh.’ His previous short film, ‘Sebatang Pensel Sebiji Oren’ was broadcasted on RTM last year.

The awards were given by the film industry’s key players such as Dr. Mahadi J Murat, President of the Institute of Arts and Media Studies (Semesta), Liew Seng Tat (filmmaker, Lelaki Harapan Dunia), Nik Amir Mustapha (filmmaker, Terbaik Dari Langit), and Maz Irwan Azani (lecturer, Limkokwing University).

Check out the full list of winners from The Malaysian Digital Film Awards (MDfA) 2015:

Best Young Filmmaker – Muzzamer Rahman

Jury Merit Award – The Majestic Journey of Royal Belum

Best Digital Feature Film – Sebatang Pensel Sebiji Oren

Best Digital Short Film – Mama

Best Direction – Aliff Ihsan Rahman (Dermaga)

Best Narrative Content – Mama

Best Digital Cinematography – Dermaga

Best Production Design – Mama

Best Digital Editing – Dermaga

Best Digital Sound Design – Nadia

Best Digital Documentary Film – The Boo Legend

Best Computer Generated Image and Visual Effects Innovation – Putus

Best Music Video – Aku Tahu

Best Public Service Announcement – March 9, 1993

Best Video Produced for the Internet – VIP Medley