First FINAS Film Appreciation Session Features Industry Veteran, Mansor Puteh

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 30/01/2016

The first FINAS Film Appreciation Session that was organised by Content Malaysia Pitching Centre today featured Malaysian director and scriptwriter, Mansor Puteh known through his work titled ‘Seman’ and ‘Malaysian Snow.’

The session started with a documentary screening brought by Mansor himself and followed by his knowledge sharing session, where he shared his insights throughout his experience in the film industry for over 20 years and aspirations on the future of Malaysian films.

Speaking of his aspiration, Mansor said changes is necessary to take the film industry further, and he hopes that the industry does not rely heavily on foreign views as Malaysian films should reflect the culture, diversity and its values.

As an Ivy League-trained filmmaker, who studied for his Masters of Fine Arts in Film Directing at Columbia University, Mansor strongly believes that education is important in the film industry and he encourages upcoming and aspiring filmmakers to educate themselves in the ways of filmmaking.

This year, Content Malaysia Pitching Centre will be organising a series of ‘Behind the Screen’ sessions with local content creators in an effort to bring them closer to the aspiring filmmakers, film students and film lovers alike.

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