Gerak Khas 2016 to be Directed by Several Prominent Directors

Published by Anuar Mat Saat @ 11/02/2016

Gerak Khas 2016

Gerak Khas 2016 is set to be directed by several prominent directors such as Syamsul Yusof, Aziz M. Osman, Faizal Yusof, C Kumaresan and Majed Salleh besides Datuk Yusof Haslam, who is known for his work and experience in the law enforcement.

Speaking at the Gerak Khas 2016 launch event at FINAS today, Datuk Yusuf Haslam reiterated; “It is very important for the public to be aware of the works undertaken by the police to ensure the safety and sovereignty of the country. Hence, it is our responsibility (as a director) to give co-operation to the police and I believe that Gerak Khas will further provide an insight on current crime-related issues to the public.”

Gerak Khas was born from the idea of creating a police-themed drama for Malaysian to highlight the importance of public awareness on police works and current issues. The series which first aired in 1999, will also focus on latest criminal activities to educate the public in tackling the crime.

“We fully support the production that conveys and fosters a positive message to the public such as Gerak Khas, that has successfully educated the public on current issues and criminal activities over the years,” said Dato’ Jailani Johari, Deputy Minister of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia.

After 15 years of success, Gerak Khas has stepped into a new season this year and will feature new actors and actresses such Fattah Amin, Raja Ilya, Syamsul Yusof, Tisha Shamsir, and many more.

Actors and Directors of Gerak Khas 2016

Datuk Yusuf Haslam

Datuk Yusuf Haslam and Dato Jailani Johari