8 Local Short Films to be Screened at Content Malaysia Pitching Centre

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 12/02/2016

Still from Goodbye To Love (2004) by Jamess Lee

Titled Malaysia in Shorts, the event will be screening local short films from the year
2000 to 2008 namely:

My father and His Celluloid by Daven Raghavan (2000)
Me, My Mother and Mosquito by K. Shunmugam (2001)
Pangyau by Amir Muhammad (2002)
Goodbye To Love by James Lee (2004)
Majidee by Azharr Rudin (2005)
It's Possible Your Heart Cannot Be Broken by Woo Ming Jin (2005)
As I Lay Dying by Ho YuHang (2007)
Rojak by Suleiman Brothers (2008)

Doors open at 7:30pm

Film starts at 8:00pm

Admission is FREE

Still from As I Lay Dying (2007) by Ho Yuhang