First Pitching Clinic for Future Indian Filmmakers Set to Create a New Wave in the Industry

Published by Anuar Mat Saat @ 15/02/2016

Group Photo (Screen and Stage, Datuk Kamil Othman)

‘Screen & Stage’ in collaboration with FINAS had organised the first Pitching Clinic for future local Indian filmmakers today. This initiative aimed to educate and prepare upcoming filmmakers to be more equipped in creating concepts and presenting it to the Content Malaysia Pitching Centre to be evaluated by FINAS panels – hence creating an opportunity for them to obtain the development fund to bring their ideas to the silver screen, subsequently creating a new wave in the film industry.

As an umbrella body that represents a number of associations under its belt with the core objective of building the entertainment industry among the locals, Screen & Stage also marked to work closely with all associations in making sure that the future of the industry will be bright for the generations to come. 

Surendhar Selvaraju, President of Screen & Stage said, “Screen & Stage is an umbrella body for a few NGO’s which represented the Malaysian Indian community in filmmaking. Thus, we hope to empower the community through enhancement programs such as this Pitching Clinic, which is another milestone in our many journeys of creating a sustainable future for the industry. Moreover, we want to start teaching the potential upcoming filmmakers the first step to get into the industry.”

He also added that the body understands the difficulties faced by producers and filmmakers in the country, thus decided to help by coaching and creating new promising opportunities with the help of FINAS.

Dato' Kamil Othman, Director General of FINAS who was also present at the clinic reiterated, “FINAS strongly encourages new filmmakers to be part of the Pitching Clinic as this is a great opportunity for them. We must create films where other people will also watch because at the end of the day, it is not the language that matters, but the storyline.”

President of Screen and Stage Surendhar Selvaraju and Datuk Kamil Othman

Datuk Kamil Othman and Film Director, S.T Bala

Attendees of Screen and Stage