Beijing-Based Malaysian Artiste, Giselle Chia Wows in China

Published by Mila Ismail @ 17/02/2016

Giselle Chia, a Beijing-based Malaysian artiste wowed the producer in China as she landed a role in one the country’s latest box-office, The Monkey King 2 which earned $548 million in a combined ticket sales over its opening week, simultaneously dethroned Star Wars: The Force Awakens world record for the highest grossing ticket sales over 7 days.

Giselle landed the role of ‘Bat Demon’ after an audition where she was deemed a perfect fit for the character based on her talent in acting and her past experiences in various sports especially ballet, as the character requires a particular body language. In the movie, she starred alongside China’s superstar actress, Gong Li.

Known as Qi Xi Er in China, Giselle is not a newcomer in the entertainment industry as she was the leader of a girl group, X-Queen previously apart from being an actress. When asked about how she felt being the only Malaysian to star in the film, Giselle said that there was no pressure at all as she has adapted to the entertainment industry in China, after she bravely went to the country by herself four years ago to pursue her dreams.

“Creating arts, no matter in what form, is my objective in life,” said Giselle, who has successfully established herself as an all-around artiste. Her ‘aqua-pop’ song titled Tide (Chao Xi) that was based on her own life story was chosen as a soundtrack to an online Chinese film. “I hope to set an example for youngsters, especially in Malaysia, to go ahead and chase after their dreams, just like I did,” she added.

In the future, Giselle hopes that she will continue to work with both Malaysia and China production houses. In fact, she is eager to keep promoting Malaysia in China as she strongly believes that our country has many amazing locations that are perfect for shooting a film, subsequently aiding the economy and industry. Moreover, she is planning to collaborate with her mentor, Franck Priot, COO of Film France, the French Film Commission, for an upcoming project.

Giselle Chia as 'Bat Demon' in The Monkey King 2

Giselle Chia at The Monkey King 2 Premiere in France. Photo by: Giselle Chia's Facebook