FINAS Chairman Applauds Industry’s New Talents

Published by Mila Ismail @ 23/02/2016

Dato’ Mohd Khusairi Abdul Talib, Chairman of FINAS encourages and applauds the rise of new talents in the national film industry.

In an interview during FINAS Chinese New Year Open House yesterday, he said that he had noticed the new trend of using new faces as talents on the silver screen recently, stating The Journey and Ola Bola as examples. Both movies had gained the nation’s love and attention despite showcasing new, unfamiliar faces as main casts.

“I would like to applaud the producers and directors for having the courage to explore these new talents in their project. I believe that the rise of the young talents – actors, producers, writers, directors, etc. – will contribute to the film industry tremendously in terms of ideas and creativity. Thus, we are looking forward to fresh and exciting ideas from these new talents,” said Dato’ Khusairi, who was appointed as the FINAS chairman in 2015.

However, he also assured that the established and experienced talents in the industry will not be forgotten and put aside by the new surge of young blood.

“We need the diversity in the industry. The more experienced talents are there for the young ones to learn from. By welcoming these new talents in, we are giving them the opportunity to convey their ideas while at the same time gaining experience and learning from the established ones.”

A toss of Yee Sang to start the new year.

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