Animonsta Studios Poises to be One of the Biggest Animation Houses in the Region

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 24/02/2016

Animonsta Studios that was established in 2009 is poised to be “one of the biggest animation houses in the region and into the world,” said Hasnul Hadi Samsudin, Director of Creative Multimedia Division at Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC).

Over the years, MDeC has been supporting the studio and its highly successful animated TV series, BoboiBoy which has been broadcasted in 44 countries around the world. As an MSC Malaysia Status Company, Animonsta was able to use the hi-tech facilities at MDeC such as the MSC Malaysia Animation and Creative Content Centre (MAC3) Rendering Farm, which was substantially used to render several elements in the film, including the sea, among others.

Moreover, as the agency responsible for overseeing MSC Malaysia globally, MDeC has provided market validation to help the film in overseas market, by connecting the studio to the right partners to market their first feature film even further. Recently, the agency connected the studio to a partner in Cambodia, and soon they plan to enter the Japanese market, besides Southeast Asia and more in the future.

“Despite using Bahasa Malaysia as the main language, BoboiBoy: The Movie has the global appeal in terms of contents, and it will surely travel well. Furthermore, Animonsta remarkable growth offers potential lessons for other budding animators and producers. The studio started out as a dreams of a couple of interns, with big tenacity as well as drive to be the global player, and now they are. Still, I think they can grow even more,” said Hasnul at the BoboiBoy: The Movie pre-screening last Saturday.

Citing MDeC as one of their biggest supporters, Nizam Razak, CEO of Animonsta Studios reiterated, “MDeC has been supporting us tremendously from the get-go, especially in providing us with the facilities and grant. BoboiBoy was ‘born’ in the MDeC’s MAC3 Incubator Programme, which is designed to help innovative local companies to develop, produce and co-produce content. In addition, the agency assisted in funding the first season of the BoboiBoy TV series and backed more than RM2 million for the feature film.”

“You can have a good story, but you need a strong supporter and partner to ensure the quality and maximum exposure of your content,” added Nizam who also credited Primeworks Studios for their continuous support.

Hasnul with Animonsta Studios team at the BoboiBoy: The Movie press conference.

NIzam Razak