FINAS Knowledge-Sharing Session Educates Local Filmmakers to Pierce into the Global Market

Published by Mila Ismail @ 04/03/2016

Mr. Sridhar giving a talk during the knowledge-sharing session.

FINAS has successfully held a knowledge-sharing session for local filmmakers at the Content Malaysia Pitching Centre on 2nd March 2016. The session aimed to educate local filmmakers on how to potentially pierce into the global film market with their local contents.

The session featured Mr. Sridhar Sreekakula, an international film distributor with 30 years of distributorship experience in the American and Asian mainstream media, as well as Bollywood entertainment industry. His previous distributorship includes Jackie Chan's The Myth and Brahmin Bulls among other films.

During the session, Mr. Sridhar gave a talk titled 'From B to Z' highlighting the business part of filmmaking, distributorship and his successful method to getting sales for films through strategic platforms and international networking.

"I left out the A; script and storyline, which is the most crucial part of filmmaking because I think Malaysia has a lot of great stories at the moment. So we need to focus on the business part of filmmaking and distributing it globally," said Mr. Sridhar.

Moreover, Mr. Sridhar has recently established a distribution company, named the Barking Cow Media Group with the aim to create more opportunities for local filmmakers to bring their products to the international level.

"There are a lot of talented creative people here in Malaysia. They just need an outlet, a platform to go global, and we hope to play a part in being the outlet required," added the CEO of Barking Cow Media Group.

Besides the session, FINAS also held the Special Industry Screening of A Killer Walks Amongst Us – the first film produced in Los Angeles by our own Malaysian based, Malaysia Venture Capital Management Berhad (MAVCAP) investee company.

Mr. Sridhar with his latest movie production, A Killer Walks Amongst Us.