Malaysia’s Greenlight Pictures to Co-Produce ‘Okinawa’ with Japan-Based Production Company, Odd Pictures

Published by Mila Ismail @ 07/03/2016

Iedil Putra (Nik) in action for 'Okinawa.' Photo credit: Greenlight Pictures Facebook.

Malaysia's production house, Greenlight Pictures is co-producing a new short film titled, Okinawa with a Japan-based film production house, Odd Pictures. The Tokyo-based production house has produced several creative products from graphics to feature and short films, such as Blind Tasting, that was selected in the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2015.

Okinawa tells the story about a man, Nik (played by Iedil Putra) who had his daughter kidnapped and goes in search for her. After years of unfruitful search, he discovers that his long-lost daughter might have ended up in Tokyo. He then travels to Tokyo with hopes of finding his daughter, when other problems start to unfold.

"We have been doing several co-productions with Japanese companies for the past 6 years. The genesis of the story is based on a real life event that happened in Malaysia, so we took that story and expanded it across the border. Also, we are very fortunate that FINAS has come on to support the film and we hope that we can make them proud," said Woo Min Jing, Founder of Greenlight Pictures and Director of Okinawa.

Speaking of co-production, Woo said that he learned a lot by working with the Japanese production companies as they work differently. They are very punctual; detail oriented; and everything has to be completed within the limits that they have discussed. Hence, their discipline and higher standards should be the benchmark for our industry.

Moreover, the action-packed short film is set to be submitted to various film festivals in Japan and all over the world. "We are always looking to expand our horizons and also our audience. We feel that this film is a great opportunity to find new audiences in Japan and also bring the local Malaysian audiences to a world they don't often see in local cinema," added Edmund Yeo, who is also directing the short film.

Set to be completed by mid-year, Okinawa is a short proof of a concept story that is part of a feature film that is currently in development by Greenlight Pictures.  

Iedil Putra (Nik) stars alongside Arisa Koike (Maya) in 'Okinawa.' Photo credit: Greenlight Pictures' Facebook.