FINAS to Support Telenovela Award 2015

Published by Mila Ismail @ 10/03/2016

Representatives from FINAS, GAPENA, YPBN and Telenovela Award 2015 during the press conference. Photo credit: FINAS Malaysia's Facebook page.

FINAS will be supporting the National Book Development Foundation's (YPBN) latest effort, the Telenovela Award 2015.

The award that aims to recognise TV series and film productions adapted from selected novels in the market will be co-organised with The Federation of National Writer Associations of Malaysia (GAPENA).

"Novel adaptations are not exactly new in the industry. However, we need more of these productions especially based on works done by Malaysian writers," according to Dato' Kamil Othman, FINAS Director-General.

His speech was read by Azmir Saifudin Mutalib, Director of Development and Innovation FINAS, who also spoke on Pitching Centre's role in providing development funds that include quality script writings.

Looking at the current trend of adapting novels to screenplays, FINAS believes that the Telenovela Award is an excellent initiative as it will support the nation's creative industries in publishing and TV content production.