The Kid from the Big Apple: From Silver Screen to Publishing

Published by Mila Ismail @ 28/03/2016

Following its success on the silver screen with RM3.5 million in box-office ticket sales, The Kid from the Big Apple hits another milestone through the official launch of its English novel, published by Alaf 21. The novel was co-written by Sona Ghose, an international editor together with two young authors; Alexandria Goh and Vicky Chong students from the Nobel International School.

The film director, Jess Teong expressed her pride in having her original script rewritten and published in English. Previously, the feature was published in a comic book and a Chinese novel based on the script, but it was a different process for the English version.

"The script that I wrote was originally in Mandarin, and so are the other versions of The Kid from the Big Apple. However, the English novel authors have minimal comprehension in Mandarin, so they had to immerse themselves into the movie and watch it over and over again to actually write the book. You can see their hard work in every line of the book," she said.

Having their first writing published at an early age of 15, the two young authors admitted that they always had a knack for writing and had previously posted up their writings online.

"I would be lying if I say that we did not feel any kind of pressure writing the book, given the amount of success that the original movie has achieved. However, writing has always been our passion and I think that passion was enough to triumph all other thoughts we had," said Vicky.

The girls also voiced out their interest to expand their writing career in the near future. Alexandria, in particular, listed Jess Teong as her own role model and shared her dreams in doing scriptwriting and filmmaking.

"We are still very young and have a long way to go. For now, we will focus on furthering our studies and exploring our talent to the maximum," said Alexandria.

Sona Ghose, who has co-edited various travel and guidebooks such as Shenzen Guidebook expressed her gratitude to be part of the novel, “I am thankful to Jess to allow me to be part of this work. I thoroughly enjoyed the nostalgic feeling down memory lane and look forward to many positive responses from our readers.”

The novel is suitable for readers of all ages, and it is also available in an e-book form at

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Alexandria Goh

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