8TV’s Urban Content Goes Fully Digital with Studio8

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 20/04/2016

Media Prima’s plans for urban content could redefine the way television is being interpreted traditionally. With the new direction, 8TV’s urban content will be spearheaded by Studio8, an online channel that is exclusively available on YouTube.

Studio8 will be made up of content creators both in-house and online, who are in constant collaboration, dreaming up new ideas, creating new shows and stories that will bring urban audiences back to power. The new online channel also partners with Google to grow its network of content creators via YouTube.

“We are incredibly thrilled that Studio8 is coming onto YouTube as it welcomes the new and experimental way of creating content that is able to engage with the audience directly. Plus, it creates a wonderful virtuous cycle of watching, sharing, and shaping (the audience) because it provides the opportunity to explore more creative collaborations without any restrictions – making it incredibly empowering and exciting,” said Sajith Sivanandan, MD of Google Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, and New Emerging Markets.

Currently, Studio8 is housing three shows; Quickie, 8TV’s popular capsule talk show, Hatch, a hub where content is created to entertain and inspire, and LaunchPad, a creative platform for all things art and talent. Moreover, Studio8 represents all sorts of niche communities from fashion to food, music to makeup, and many more.

Datuk Kamal Khalid, CEO of Media Prima Television Networks (MPTN) reiterated, “We want to make sure that the spirit of reinvention and trendsetting will always continue. In that spirit, the entire urban side on 8TV is going to be totally online, where the audience is. Studio8 will not be a typical TV channel – it is a big bold move and we are confident it is the right one.”

As their urban content is now shifted to Studio8, 8TV will extend its Chinese Prime Time hours from 88 hours to 115 hours a week throughout 2016 to cater to their growing local Chinese audience.