POSTAM’s International Masterclass in Filmcraft Unlocks Key Tips for the Perfect Pitch

Published by Mila Ismail @ 22/04/2016

(L-R) Leon Tan; CEO of DragonSlate Media, Christopher Granier-Deferre; Executive Producer of Poisson Rouge Pictures, Yoki Chin; President of POSTAM, Chan Gin Kai; CEO of Silver Media Group and President of SAAVA,and James Bridges; Chief Content Officer of iflix.

Local filmmakers and members of the creative industry had a chance to learn the secrets of the perfect pitch during the International Masterclass in Filmcraft that was organised by the Post-Production, Animation and Creative Content Association Malaysia (POSTAM) in association with FINAS, on 20th April 2016.

The masterclass featured three local and international players in the content industry; Christopher Granier-Deferre, Executive Producer of Poisson Rouge Pictures, Chan Gin Kai, CEO of Silver Media Group and President of Southeast Asian Audio-Visual Association (SAAVA), and James Bridges, Chief Content Officer of iflix.

Pitch for a Bigger Content

“You need to expand, make it bigger, and you can do it. It is about finding that voice that works for you locally, but it also starts connecting you beyond the region," said Christopher Granier-Deferre, who has over 25 years of experience across a broad range of film and TV productions in Europe, including the critically-acclaimed Merchant-Ivory features.

He also added that the industry does not commercially depend on everyone making a masterpiece. Rather, it depends on people growing, learning and bringing in more infrastructures, it is a cycle. 

Pitch Straight to the Point

Furthermore, he said that a perfect pitch keeps the audience engaged to your story and listen until the end of your pitch without losing interest.

"Try pitching to your own friends over drinks, and do not tell them that you are pitching. After a few minutes, you will start seeing their eyes glazing, and that is how you know that you have lost your audience. Then, get a friend to pitch back to you. You will notice the things that you have missed out, and this also helps you to get rid of all the unnecessary fluff. When a friend pitches your idea back to you, they will usually pitch only the main points," he reiterated.

Pitch for the Investor’s Passion

It is also important to know how to position your cinematic project for financing, partnership and distribution. Hence, a perfect pitch is about understanding what the investor is interested in and developing a pitch that is promising to the investor’s passion.

"Right now, from an investor's point of view, most of the pitchers are not pitching what interests me. Yes, you have to have the passion for your story, but half of the time it is not only about your passion, but also your investor's passion," said Chan Gin Kai, who is also an experienced regional producer of award-winning film and TV projects.

"This workshop is one of POSTAM's many initiatives in guiding and exposing its members to getting on the right track for filmmaking. We would like to thank FINAS for their continuous support in our efforts and enabling us to make this workshop happen," said Yoki Chin, President of POSTAM.


Audience during the International Masterclass

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