‪'Redha' to be Screened in Cannes

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 29/04/2016

Redha, a Malaysian film that highlights the struggles of a family raising a child with autism is set to be screened at Marche du Film 2016, the business counterpart of the Cannes Film Festival under the ‘Malaysia Goes to Cannes’ program on 17th May 2016, organised by the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) and Creative Content Association Malaysia (CCAM).

Directed by Tunku Mona Riza as her directorial debut, the film that carries a huge message hopes to spread awareness on autism, as she realised that although the topic is a universal subject, a lot of people are still unaware that autism is not a disease but a “complex developmental disability” as described by The National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM). Hence, she took two years to complete her observation and research on the subject, before penning the script.

Although autism is the main theme of Redha, the film also highlights other societal messages, making it relatable for every single audience. "Redha is not just about autism, it is about all of us. Society, relationship, friendship and a different kind of love," emphasized the director.

Currently on its third week of screening in local cinemas, the film was a challenge for the director as she has to explore the subject carefully and the underwater scene was especially tough due to unpredictable underwater current.  “In one of the scenes where Namron sits on a huge rock, we had difficulty to dock our boats on the shoreline due to huge waves, but my crew and I had to chase for time because I must have the magic hour for that particular scene," she added.

The film starred award-winning actors such as Namron, Nadia Nisaa and Remy Ishak among others, which were handpicked by the director as they fit the characters in the script.

Besides Redha, there are four other movies that will be screened under the ‘Malaysia Goes to Cannes’ program; Hoka Hey ‘A Good Day to Die’,  You Mean The World To Me, Taiping Adagio, and Pekak.