‘Keluang Man’ to Make a Comeback on Stage

Published by Mila Ismail @ 16/05/2016

Malaysia’s own superhero, Keluang Man is set to make a comeback on a theatrical production titled, Keluang Man: Hero Senti-Mental in conjunction with the animation's 20th anniversary. El Hesh Indie Moving Production, the production house behind the idea of bringing the animation to life is currently searching for talents to be part of the show.

"Anyone with basic knowledge on theatre can try out for the audition, what matters is the act performed during the audition will be able to touch the judges. Although I do not deny that having similar physical characteristics with the animation character may help," said Akyem Samad, the director and scriptwriter of Keluang Man: Hero Senti-Mental.

Slated to debut on stage in March 2017, the theatre production will be based on the compilation of the first five episodes from the animation series. Akyem admitted that his inspiration behind writing the script for Keluang Man: Hero Senti-Mental is a work of passion. Although the project is only green-lighted this year by the IP owner, Akyem had begun writing the script since 2009. The director and scriptwriter also revealed that fans have been anticipating for the animation series to make its silver screen debut.

He asserted that while the rumours have been around for years, nothing has been confirmed. “Producing a film based on a widely-known and loved series such as Keluang Man is not an easy task because as fans, we do not want the film to stray from its original concept.” Furthermore, the production needs to respect the original story while bringing in new content at the same time keeping the storyline fresh.

The audition, which will take place on 22nd May 2016, is held in conjunction with the second instalment of ANIFEST; ANIFEST@Summit. Held from 20th to 22nd May 2016, the festival will gather local animations and comics dated back since 1996. The free-admission festival will also act as an information sharing centre to educate visitors on various techniques in producing an animation.