The Kid from the Big Apple 2 Novel Launches At BookFest Malaysia

Published by Samentha James @ 30/06/2017

The team behind The Kid from the Big Apple 2 at BookFest Malaysia.

Odonata Publishing Sdn Bhd recently held an official announcement of The Kid from the Big Apple 2: Before We Forget for its Chinese and English movie novel at BookFest Malaysia on June 26, 2017 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). 

Following the previous success of The Kid from the Big Apple, the event attracted a huge crowd. During the event, Jóhannes Koo, The Voice of China contestant, and Bell Yu Tian, award-winning Malaysian singer, songwriter and music producer, serenaded the fans with the first-ever live performance of the movie’s theme song When We Are Together.

The film director, Jess Teong, said: “The turnout for the event was impressive and although we have yet to receive the exact figures for the first day sales, initial observations show that the novel is a hit and we’re positive that the movie sequel will be just as good, if not better.”

The novel, based on Jess Teong’s script of the movie with the same title, depicts the story of Chungen who has just started rekindling his familial ties with his daughter Shu Xian and granddaughter Sarah following the duo’s abrupt return from New York two years back. 

Just as everything was going smooth and Chungen finally gets the chance of experiencing love and affection of living with family, things take a turn for the worst. The Kid from the Big Apple 2: Before We Forget highlights the importance of family ties, traditional values and carries a key message of “it’s never too late to express your love.”

The story, written by Lee Hui Hui (Chinese edition), Michelle Yoon (English edition) and illustrated by Novia Shin, continues with the many challenges the family has to face while still striving to preserve their newly established bond.


Two versions of The Kid from the Big Apple 2: Before We Forget novel (Chinese Edition)

The crowd turn out at BookFest Malaysia.