Published by Idan Ma'at @ 14/06/2019

Acestar Sdn. Bhd. has officially launched the Creative Cloud Community (CCC) at the 4th SEA Connect – The Creative Conference 2019 on the 13th June 2019 at the Grand Nexus, Connexion, Bangsar South City, Kuala Lumpur. As a response to the call by the Ministry of Youth & Sports to strengthen human capital and maximize the potential of youth as drivers of national development, CCC is established to connect all Creative users and businesses to learn, share, grow and serve the community, as well as build up the ecosystem of creative talents. CCC and its members are trying to leverage on the power of education as one of the prime enablers towards overcoming challenges faced by youths in Malaysia today, getting international recognition and opportunity to acquire key universal competencies can promote a holistic approach to help youth to be successful as adults.

CCC Elite members consist of renowned and successful entrepreneurs and professionals representing various industries that have demonstrated remarkable passion to raise the standard of creative industry. Currently, we are proud to also have Andy Sitt (Founder & Chairman of Imagine Group) and Prof. TS Dr. Ahmad Rafi Mohd Eshaq (President/CEO of Multimedia University) on board as our Advisory Panels. We are also honored to have the backing from prominent industry patrons partners such as MDEC, Ministry of Human Resource, Ministry of Higher Education (KPT), Adobe Inc, Hewlett Packard (HP), and Certiport.

Warren Leow, VP of Strategic Partnerships & Revenue from Imagine Group and Surina Shukri, CEO of MDEC

Ms. Natalie Sit, Acestar Group CEO and CCC Founder, said “The launching of the Creative Cloud Community (CCC) is a timely decision as there are high demand for this kind of skill workers in the industry. I believe with the guidance of the CCC ELITE and the support of the government agencies, we are poised to assist the youths of Malaysia to develop and grow their skills.”

The long-term vision of CCC is to build and project Malaysia as the hub for creative industry in the Asian region. In order to achieve that the community has a myriad of premeditated key activities in its annual roadmap such as conferences, workshops, publications, online portal showcase, and a Centre Of Excellence (COE), etc. One of the largest and most impactful activities is the SEA Connect - The Creative Conference which has auspiciously made its mark since 2016. This annual grand event of the Creative Cloud Community (CCC) is expected to contribute significantly in growing the creative economy, assisting creative professional organizations and individuals to expand their business reach by exporting their services in the
creative industry, discovering talents through various channels and mentoring them on the upcoming trends and requirements, building an interconnected network by bridging various entities, and thus succeed in creative economy development one step at a time.

The SEA Connect – The Creative Conference 2019 recorded an attendance of approximately 2000 delegates across South East Asia. This event has provided the perfect platform for everyone within the creative industry to connect with one another. The event was also organized in conjunction with ACA Championship Malaysia 2019 Grand Finale. Adobe Certified Associate Championships (ACA) is a global competition that identifies and recognizes the next generation of design professionals using Adobe® design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. 

This year’s conference featured various exciting programs, including seminars and talks by prominent personnel and public figures, stage performances, networking session, luncheon, ACA Championship Malaysia 2019 Grand Finale and the official launching of “Creative Cloud Community”. Together with the launching of CCC the organization announced the start of member recruitment, and to raise more awareness and garner wider support from CEOs of various Malaysian based corporations especially in the technology and creative industries.