Published by Lavinesh @ 01/07/2019

A Meerkat present at the expo.

Dr. Marzuna, Head of Animal Welfare of Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) on behalf of Dato’ Dr. Quaza Nizamuddin bin Hassan Nizam, Director General of DVS, officially welcomed over 60,000 public and trade visitors, a record-breaking attendance, to the 12th Edition of the Pet World Malaysia (PWM), the largest pet exhibition in Malaysia and organized by Fairs & Events Management Sdn. Bhd. (FEMSB). Present alongside Dr. Marzuna was En. Abu Bakar Yusof, Senior Director of Exports Promotion & Market Access Division of MATRADE and Mr. Jonathan Kan, Founder and CEO of Fairs & Events Management Sdn. Bhd. (FEMSB).

Dog Grooming Competition also took place at the 12th Pet World Malaysia 2019.

En. Abu Bakar Yusof, Senior Director of Exports Promotion & Market Access Division of MATRADE, said “I am delighted to see an increased in the number of trade players at the Pet World Malaysia this year. This initiative is aligned with MATRADE’s role which is to connect suppliers and local companies with international customers and importers via our global network.”

NTL Bullies

PWM invited celebrities like Bernie Chan (Supermodel & Host), Chelsia Ng (Singer), Crystal Ong (Singer), Denise Chan (DJ), Leng Sean (DJ), Jinnyboy (Influencer), Josephine Yap (Influencer), Nadhirah Zamani & Epul (Influencer) Mark O’dea (TV Host), Joanna Soh (Influencer) and Talitha Tan (Musician) attended the exhibition. This initiative aims to create awareness on responsible pet ownership by having the celebrities to interact with their fans and visitors of the Pet World Malaysia 2019. They as role models have a duty to do in spreading awareness and encouraging responsible pet ownership to the public.   

Jonathan Kan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FEMSB

According to Jonathan Kan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FEMSB, “I am truly excited to have a sold-out exhibition that encompasses a diverse set of activities including pets shows, competition, education, showcase, trade and many others. PWM 2019 has proven that there is a market demand for the pet industry. I am also truly honored to receive such great support from the community and public as we have set a record for the exhibition attendance. PWM is the biggest gathering event of the pet lover’s community and I look forward in continuing making history for the Malaysian Pet Industry.”

Poodle Club of Malaysia

Over the past decade, PWM has been the center stage for the Malaysian pet industry in terms of social, welfare rights and economy. PWM aims to grow and develop the pet industry in Malaysia by cultivating a pet loving society and an international platform to showcase Malaysia’s products and service to the world. PWM urges Malaysians to take advantage to produce and export the pet products overseas as there is a huge global demand for it. Besides that, Malaysia’s strategic location and current economic situation makes Malaysia a suitable place for foreign investors and manufacturers to expand their businesses.

One of the many cats that was present at the expo.