Published by Lavinesh @ 22/07/2019

Sammo Hung receives the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 3rd MGGA.

Sammo Hung, acclaimed Hong Kong martial art actor received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 3rd Malaysia Golden Globe Awards (MGGA). MGGA was marked as a prestigious event with the presence of Kim Dong Ho, Founder and former Chairman of Busan International Film Festival, Sammo Hung (洪金寶), Petrina Fung (馮寶寶), Dato’ Hans Isaac, Chairman of National Film Development Corporation Malaysia, Datin Seri Umie Aida, Cecilia Yip (塞西莉亞葉) and many more. “Hat-Trick” and “House of Hummingbird” are the big winners of the awards ceremony this year. “Hat-Trick” has been titled as the Best Film of the 3rd Malaysia Golden Global Awards, Lukman Sardi starring in “27 Steps of May” and Sara Bahrami starring from “Axing” were awarded as the Best Actor and Best Actress respectively.

According to Petrina Fung, an industry veteran, “Throughout Sammo Hung’s career, he has starred in 75 fims and worked on over 230 films. He has directed, producered and help launch the career of several notably artist today. Sammo is a key figure in the Hong Kong’s new wave movement in the 1980s, popularizing the vampire sub-genre in action comedy films. It truly is a lifetime worth of contribution to the Hong Kong & International Film Industry. The history that he has paved in the world of cinema solidifies the fact that, Sammo, has earned astonishing achievements. His resilience reads raw devotion in the industry and that is why he truly deserves this prestigious award.”

Lukman Sardi receives the Best Actor Award at the 3rd MGGA

“House of Hummingbird”, the film directed by Kim Bora has successfully awarded as the Best Director, Best Supporting Actress and Best Cinematography. Whereas the film “Hat-Trick” has gained the titles of Best Film, Best Supporting Actor and Best Screenplay. Both films were the big winners for the awards ceremony of the year.

Sara Bahrami receives the Best Actress Award at the 3rd MGGA

Filmmakers from all around the world gathered in Malaysia to celebrate this mega event, including: “House of Hummingbird” team from Korea, “27 Steps of May” team from Indonesia, “A Land Imagined” team from Singapore, “My Dear Friend” team from China, “Ode To Nothing”  team from Philippines, “Liway” team, “Hat-Trick” team from Iran as well as other local and international filmmakers.

Hat-Trick receives the Best Film Award at the 3rd MGGA

The 3rd Malaysia Golden Global Awards was honored of having Petrina Fung (Hong Kong), Nicholas Saputra (Indonesia), Zig Madamba Dulay (Philippines), U-Wei Haji Saari (Malaysia), Umie Aida (Malaysia), Iedil Putra (Malaysia), Sangeeta Krishnasamy (Malaysia) and Zizan Razak (Malaysia) to be the awards presenters. Besides, Joanne Goh (founder and chairman of Malaysia International Film Festival and Malaysia Golden Global Awards), Kim Dong Ho (Honorary President of Malaysia International Film Festival and Malaysia Golden Global Awards), Kim Hyung Koo (jury panel), Cecilia Yip (jury panel), Sinje Lee (festival ambassador), Bront Palarae (festival ambassador), Dato' Hans Isaac (Chairman of FINAS Malaysia) also joined the awards presenter panel of the year.

Ramtin Lavafi, Sara Bahrami & Kim Bora at the Press Conference of the 3rd MGGA

The nominees who attended the awards ceremony this year were: Kim Bora, Park Ji-Hu and Kim Sae-Byuk from “House of Hummingbird”, Yang Pingdao and Jiang Hong from “My Dear Friend”, Yeo Siew Hua and Hideho Urata from “A Land Imagined”, Kip Oebanda and Dominic Roco from “Liway”, Ramtin Lavafi from “Hat-Trick”, Ravi Bharwani and Lukman Sardi from “27 Steps of May” as well as Dwein Baltazar and Marietta Subong from “Ode To Nothing”.

A Land Imagined receives the Audience Choice Award at the 3rd MGGA

The awards ceremony commenced with a huge performance of 24 Festive Drum. The organizer invited Amy Search, the acclaimed Malaysian singer and performance artiste, Priscilla Abby and Masya Masyitah, the Malaysian young singer. Both Priscilla and Masya Masyitah performed a medley of ‘Gan Xie Ni’, ‘Don’t Go Ms. Fernado’, ‘Arena Cahaya’ and ‘Cahaya Juara’ at the awards ceremony. Last but not least, the acclaimed Malaysian singer, Amy Search performed the two classic songs ‘Isabella’ and ‘Gadis Ku’ as the highlight performance.