Published by Adam Ham @ 04/08/2019

BoBoiBoy Movie 2 to premiere in 5 Countries on 8th August 2019

BoBoiBoy Movie 2 (BBBM2) will premiere on a prosperous date of 8th August 2019 across Southeast Asia, beginning with Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and Vietnam, with a target, surpassing its first movie’s blockbuster record of RM 18 million 3 years ago. To date, the BoBoiBoy Movie 2 trailer has reached 4 million views on YouTube while the BoBoiBoy Movie 2 Teaser Trailer has already reached 10 million views, which is well on track to break its previous blockbuster record to be the most successful Malaysian animated movie in history. 

Screenshot of BoBoiBoy Movie 2

Through the partnership of Astro Shaw and Monsta, BoBoiBoy Movie 2 have been negotiated to be featured in over 144 cinemas in Malaysia, 150 cinemas in Indonesia, 120 cinemas in Vietnam, 8 in theaters in Singapore and 4 in theaters in Brunei. The completed production, which costs a total of RM 7 million, is currently also in high demand in South Korea, India, China, Thailand and the Philippines, and is currently being negotiated.

BoBoiBoy, Papa Zola and Yaya from BoBoiBoy Movie 2

According to Animonsta Studios Chief Executive Officer, Nizam Abdul Razak, producer and director of BoBoiBoy Movie 2; “We at Monsta hope that BoBoiBoy Movie 2 will appeal and entertain to all ages & races, and will bring families closer together as a result. We are also happy to have made Malaysia proud by being able to complete the 110 minutes 3D animated film within 12 months, and yet be able to boast a world-class animated quality and sustained an action-packed script and storyboard, which is universally adept worldwide.” 

Nizam Razak and his team behind BoBoiBoy Movie 2

Meanwhile, Senior Vice President, Astro Shaw's Head of Marketing & Distribution, Norsalvina Alwee; “We at Astro Shaw have always wanted to produce and market quality films. We find the brand and quality of this BoBoiBoy Movie 2 to be beyond satisfying for viewers and comparable to international animated films. As such, we are proud to have partnered with Animonsta Studios to market and distribute the film.” 

Nizam Razak, Producer & Director of BoBoiBoy Movie 2

In this film, BoBoiBoy and his friends are being hunted by an ancient villain named Retak’ka who wants to seize BoBoiBoy's elemental powers. He is the original user of BoBoiBoy’s elemental powers and now he seeks to take back his full powers in order to become the most powerful one and dominate the galaxy. In this action-packed adventure, BoBoiBoy and friends Yaya, Ying, Gopal and Fang are 14-year-old teenagers who all has different unique superpowers. BoBoiBoy has seven elemental powers: fire, water, lightning, wind, leaf, earth and light. Power Spheres are robots that contain powers and are protectors of the galaxy. Together they travel the galactic world in a spaceship to save Power Spheres in an attempt to stop and defeat Retak’ka from taking BoBoiBoy's powers. 

A fan of Papa Zola, mentor to BoBoiBoy

The official song for this movie is created and sung by popular Malaysian singer, Faizal Tahir, titled ‘Fire & Water’, which is loaded with abundance of positive messages that emphasizes confidence and will power. PACKED & WORLD-CLASS ANIMATED SEQUEL OF BOBOIBOY MOVIE, STARTING 8TH AUGUST 2019 ACROSS MORE THAN 420 SCREENS IN MALAYSIA, INDONESIA, SINGAPORE, VIETNAM AND BRUNEI.