Published by Adam Ham @ 05/10/2019

Yannick Bovy (32), Belgian Crooner and his band, in association with Sharizan Borhan, Malaysia's King of Swing

Milestone Production Sdn Bhd successfully premiered “Yannick Bovy Celebrates 100 Years of Nat King Cole” last night in Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur. Celebrating 100 Years Old this year (if he was alive), Malaysia pays tribute to the legendary jazz musician, Nat King Cole by embracing popular classics such as Unforgettable, L.O.V.E., When I Fall in Love, and 11 other popular songs through the talented 32 year old Belgian crooner, Yannick Bovy (Universal Music), known for his very own hits on his debut album, Better Man (2012).

Nat King Cole Celebrates 100 Years Old

The Malaysian fans of Nat King Cole, led by the Guest of Honor, YAM Tunku Naquiyuddin ibni Tuanku Ja’afer of Negeri Sembilan were very much thankful to spend the beautiful Friday evening by going back to the past on a time machine in Istana Budaya when Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole once ruled the charts and melted everybody's hearts across the globe.

Yannick Bovy (32), Belgian Crooner for Nat King Cole

Yannick Bovy (32) Belgian Crooner for Nat King Cole

“His music and lyrics were universal and had beautiful messages of love and life. They are all still very meaningful today. As an artiste, Nat King Cole has been a great role model for the swing-jazz artistes of today,” exclaimed Yannick Bovy, who believes that Nat King Cole has paved his way as one of the most influential black artists in American Music History and especially in Jazz music.

Yannick Bovy (32) Belgian Crooner with YAM Tunku Naquiyuddin ibni Tuanku Jaafar (Negeri Sembilan)

Dato’ Grace Lee, Managing Director of Milestone Production Sdn Bhd shares “There’s no better way to celebrate this legendary jazz artist. Even today, Nat King Cole’s music is still so impactful as it was when it was first released. You would hear his love songs at weddings, jazz music nights and many more. There’s no limit to musicas it connects everyone together. I truly believe that Yannick embodies the soul of Nat King Cole and fans can expect to be serenaded with style. You’ll have to be there to experience the whole package!”

Yannick Bovy for Nat King Cole

The beautiful evening concluded late at about midnight wowing the sell-out crowd with Malaysia’s King of Swing, Sharizan Borhan and Yannick Bovy dueting L.O.V.E. together, and pleasantly surprising us with Getaran Jiwa by Yannick Bovy.

Malaysian King of Swing, Sharizan Borhan duet with Yannick Bovy (32) Belgian Crooner

Do catch tonight’s (5th October 2019) final performance once again in Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur.

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Yannick Bovy (32), Belgian Crooner