Published by Lavinesh @ 07/10/2019

A street in Tokyo

Tokyo is an ensemble of ancient and modern. Tokyo breathes with the tradition of four hundred years since the Edo period, the continuous progress of history has created new culture. The encounter and integration of “Ancient Tokyo” and “New Tokyo” make the city more cultural. Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau has jointly organized the Tokyo Tourism Seminar 2019, inviting industry players to engage and brief the media on the latest trend on Tokyo tourism.

Year 2018 (Heisei 30), marks the 150th anniversary of the renaming of Edo to Tokyo and the establishment of the Tokyo Government. Starting 2018, Tokyo Metropolitan Government has been actively promoting the logo and slogan of “Tokyo Tokyo Old Meets New” to boost Tokyo’s charm overseas, informing global travelers and people outside Tokyo the excitement, surprise and new value of Tokyo able to provide, and to increase the image of Tokyo as a tourist destination.

The Tokyo Skyline

Tokyo is an ensemble of tradition and times, fashionable and prosperous but at the same time did not lose its tradition. Tokyo Metropolitan Government hopes tourists will discover and recognize the traditions, history, culture and technology of Tokyo handed down from Edo to modern times. Tokyo is also listed as one of the World’s Top 10 livable cities, thanks to its high level of convenience, safety and modern technology. A whopping of 2,631,776 people visited Japan in 2018, of the total 67,626 were Malaysians.

As the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games enters the countdown stage, Tokyo has officially launched the 2020 annual Japan cross-border tourism incentives, calling on people from all over the world to pay attention to the world’s foremost sports competitions.

Local Japanese cuisine

Visitors can hop on the “Tokyo Restaurant Bus”, for sightseeing famous tourist attractions such as Tokyo Tower and Kabuki-za Theatre while enjoying exquisite cuisines on the luxurious open-top bus, experience Tokyo view with a new perspective. Moreover, there are also many experiential activities in Tokyo, which can make you feel the essence of Budo (Japanese martial arts), Chado (Japanese tea ceremony), Ikebana (Japanese art of flower arrangement), as well as taste the authentic Japanese cuisine and dessert, from family-style visit to Michelin-starred restaurant.

Tokyo has also launched many projects this year, for example CYBERSPACE SHIBUYA in Shibuya PARCO that will open its door in November. CYBERSPACE SHIBUYA that will be the house for Nintendo TOKYO, Nintendo’s first official store in Japan, and the new Pokemon Center Shibuya, is set to be the new main destination for fans of all things anime, video game, manga and Japanese pop culture.

A traditional building located in Tokyo

Besides, Meiji Shrine, the Shinto shrine that is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shoken, will mark the 100th anniversary in 2020. In conjunction with the anniversary, architect Kengo Kuma, with the use of natural material to create contemporary designs that embrace traditional Japanese aesthetics, blending Meiji Jingu and Meiji Jingu Museum together.

Tokyo is not just a metropolis, there are also areas that are close to nature, island that preserve the original features. From the natural beauty of Oshima to the mysterious Aogashima, offer visitors white sand and calm, clear waters with corals and native culture of the island, explore the unknown charm of Tokyo.

A Skilled Japanese Chef does a live demonstration on the preparation of Japanese Cuisine

Representative of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau along with members of the media and travel agents at the Tokyo Tourism Seminar 2019