Published by Lavinesh @ 22/10/2019

(L-R) Mr. Ryosuke Takatsuki, President and CEO of Inspire Corporation; Mr. Atsushi Mukumoto, President of Gourmet Kineya Co. Ltd; Mr. Dang Tai Luk, Founder & Group CEO of myNEWS Holdings Berhad; Mr. Takehiko Abe, President of Ryoyu Baking Co. Ltd and Mr. Masahiro Honda, President of Marubishi Co. Ltd at the official launch of myNEWS’ Food Production Centre.

Malaysia’s largest homegrown retail convenience store chain, myNEWS Holdings Berhad, is proud to launch its Japanese-inspired food production center (FPC). This is one of its efforts to elevate the local convenience market with the highest standards of quality, hygiene and freshness. The production center, which operates under its subsidiaries, myNEWS Ryoyupan Sdn Bhd and myNEWS Kineya Sdn Bhd, will supply myNEWS stores with a wide array of high quality ready-to-eat (RTE) foods.

Understanding the need to cater for the busy lifestyle and increasing affluence of Malaysians who demand convenient access to retail stores that offer a variety of quality products and services, particularly quality food for convenience and fast consumption, myNEWS has taken the initiative to bring in renowned food industry players from Japan as partners. As a result, Malaysians can now enjoy hassle-free options of grab-and-go Japanese-inspired foods catered to Malaysian tastes – ranging from sandwiches, onigiri, and bento, as well as freshly baked breads from its own bakery line Maru Bakes, and refreshing and stimulating hot and cold beverages from myNEWS’ Maru Kafe – while not forgetting mouthwatering local delicacies such as curry laksa and nasi lemak.

Mr Dang Tai Luk, Group CEO of myNEWS Holdings Berhad at the launch of myNEWS’ Japanese-Inspired Confectionery And Ready-To-Eat Food Production Centre

“We love the concept of convenience stores in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand where customers can walk in and find and enjoy exactly what they want. Here at myNEWS, we want our customers to have a similar experience, and now we have the capability to offer just that – convenience with quality,” said Mr Dang Tai Luk, Group CEO of myNEWS Holdings Berhad.

Expansion of the offerings is in the pipeline to further establish myNEWS as the go-to convenience store in Malaysia. One related development is the myNEWS DASH online delivery service, recently launched to coincide with the announcement of its food production center. Riding on the new awareness of its stringent RTE food standards, it is a strategic move intended to push its quality products beyond its outlets, directly to consumers.

Mr Dang Tai Luk, Group CEO of myNEWS Holdings Berhad (left) introducing myNEWS DASH – an online delivery service recently launched to coincide with the announcement of myNEWS’ food production centre.

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