Published by Adam Ham @ 14/11/2019

Zombies attacking the Busan Station.

The Train to Busan Horror House experience at Resorts World Genting is about to open its doors to fans of the movie and fans of scare experiences in Malaysia and the region. The first-of-its-kind in the world, the Horror House launches on 31 October 2019, bringing the world of the blockbuster Korean movie to life in a unique and thrilling way. This event is brought to you by Resorts World Genting and AirAsia as co-presenter.

Representatives of Resort World Genting, VividThree and Air Asia officiating the Train to Busan Horror House

Representatives of Resort World Genting & VividThree preparing the launch of Train to Busan Horror House

Roger Ong, Assistant Vice President of Entertainment and Events for Resorts World Genting, said, “As the leader of entertainment experiences in Malaysia and the region, we have always tried to push the boundaries of what we can offer our customers. Which is why we have chosen Train to Busan, since it is something familiar and recognizable for our audience, and that is why we have chosen to work with Vividthree, a market-leading producer to bring the blockbuster movie to life. We are thankful that Vividthree immediately signed on to this project to realize this fantastic frightening Horror House.”

Train to Busan Horror House poster

Adam Ham, CEO of GCMA at the Daejon Station in Seoul

Partnering with the Train to Busan IP owner, South Korea’s Content Panda, the Horror House experience utilizes the latest in digital and virtual reality technology to create a scary experience that has to be experienced to be believed. No expense was spared in the creation of the Horror House, which is faithful to the movie and also expands on its plotline.

The wreckage near Busan Station

Entrance of Train to Busan Horror House

“We asked ourselves: what would we do if we were one of those ordinary, everyday Koreans that somehow got caught up in a zombie apocalypse? What would have happened if we made a different choice in those scenarios, compared to what was done by the movie’s characters,” says Jed Mok, Chief Executive Officer for Vividthree. “It was really fun to brainstorm over what could be done and how we could expand the universe. But it was also a huge challenge, as working with a successful IP like Train to Busan is a daunting task, not least because there are so many fans around the world that love the movie.”

Train to Busan Horrer House

Zombies to invade the Train to Busan

Zombies that are poised to attack those in the train.

“The Train to Busan Horror House experience is broken up into several parts, each with a unique offering inspired by the movie,” explained Roger. “When visitors first set foot into the experience, they will be teleported to a busy, neon-lit street in Seoul, where some of the best Korean street food will be available. After buying a train ticket, they will then enter into a ravaged train station, centered on a wrecked train that crashes through the second level of the station, pining innocent passengers and hungry zombies under the rubble. The visitors will then get to walk through two Horror Houses. The first is made up of retail shops in the ruined Daejeong Train Station, and the second is in the abandoned train itself. But beware, you won’t be alone! After the Horror Houses, visitors can then move to the Base Camp area to engage in action-packed activities either as a survivor or zombie. Every different zone offers a different level of fun and scares, and each one will be fantastic in its own way.”

Representatives of Resort World Genting & VividThree officiating the Train to Busan Horror House

Train to Busan Horror House

Vampires poised to attack all of us?

The Horror House will be heightened with a cast of 50 actors and scare point operators, who were meticulously selected for necessary physical attributes and acting skills. Working in shifts, the acting cast – who are all Malaysian – will play the role of zombies and survivors in shifts, bringing the storyline crafted by Vividthree to life. The attention to detail going into the cast and costuming is immense; lead by an award-winning Malaysian artiste, the makeup for individual actor takes up to 2 hours to complete, while the costumes have been styled specifically to be recognizable to fans of the movie.

Dead, crashed xombie underneath the song.

Resort World Genting management giving the main speech

Wreckage of the Train to Busan

The Train To Busan Horror House experience will be accepting passengers from now till 1 January 2020, running from 12 noon to 10pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 1 November to 1 December 2019, and daily from 2 December 2019 to 1 January 2020. The Streets of Seoul runs from 10am to 10pm over the same time period.

Representatives of Resort World Genting & VividThree officiating the press conference of the Train to Busan Horror House