Published by Lavinesh @ 06/12/2019

Mr. Solehuddin Ahmad, Director – Southern Region of Tourism Malaysia, Mr. Chen Jie, Deputy Director of Golden Shield Television Centre, Ms. Tong Bing Yu, Founder of Moths Studio, Ms. Shi Cai Wen, Chairman of Changsha LeFeng Culture Communication and Captain Khir Mohd Noor, President of PROFIMA

Mr. Solehuddin Ahmad, Director of Tourism Malaysia on behalf of YB Liow Cai Tung, Johor Executive Committee Chairman for Tourism, Women, Family & Community Development welcomed Golden Shield Television Centre of the People’s Republic of China and Changsha LeFeng Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (LeFeng) to partnerup with Malaysia’s Moths Studio Sdn. Bhd. (Moths Studio) to produce a series of multiple cultural entertainment projects (eg. movies, dramas, programs, activities, events, property, etc) between Malaysia and China with an accumulated value of RM 3 Billion over the next 5 years. The first joint-project is to co-produce a RM 237 Million China-Malaysia international co-production blockbuster in Johor, Malaysia.  
Mr. Solehuddin Ahmad, Director of Tourism Malaysia for the Southern Region on behalf of YB Liow Cai Tung, Johor Executive Committee Chairman for Tourism, Women, Family & Community Development said during the press conference held on 3rd December 2019 at Forest City Phoenix International Marina Hotel, Johor Bahru, “The Malaysian Government is extremely honored to have this international collaboration between China and Malaysia which certainly will boost the tourist arrivals to Malaysia. Malaysia, especially Johor, is truly blessed with many scenic and iconic locations from the crystal white sands of Desaru Beach to the nostalgic buildings at Heritage Street to the amazing night market of Pasar Karat to the Victorian-Moorish design of Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque and many more. Through this collaboration, we hope that the world will be able to see all of Malaysia’s natural beauty, heritage, arts and culture”. 

Mr. Solehuddin Ahmad, Director – Southern Region of Tourism Malaysia

Group Picture

The first landmark of this collaboration between the Chinese and Malaysian parties is a coproduction of a top-secret agent action-packed movie, entitled “Beyond Life & Death”, where approximately RM 11.8 Million of its budget is to be spent in Johor, Malaysia.

Ms. Peggy Lee, Art & Film Director of Golden Shield Television Centre

Peggy Lee Ji Wen (李锦文), who is a world-renowned Film Producer and also the Art & Film Director of Golden Shield Television Centre, announced the overall creative development and production plans of the feature film and television series projects between both parties (collaboration) over the next 5 years during the press conference. Besides the first feature film project, “Beyond Life & Death”, Peggy Lee will also oversee the production of the blockbuster, ‘Tianjin Explosion’ and ‘Resurrection Day’, science fiction movies, which cost approximately RM 400 Million each. 

In addition, the project, which is based on a Chinese pilot, is also supported by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), which is a key strategic partnership project between both parties with the interest to develop the Asian Television and Film Industry. As for the movie, “Beyond Life & Death”, the script writer, director and casts are currently kept confidential, as it is still being discussed with the director and the starring actors, rest assured that the final line-up of casts and production team will certainly be most prominent. 

According to Peggy Lee (李锦文), a world-renowned Film Producer, “I am excited and looking forward to begin producing the film in Malaysia. With my great experience and profile, I am confident that my movies will be able to stimulate growth and development of the entertainment industry for both nations and foster intimate friendships between China & Malaysia”. 

Ms. Tong Bing Yu, Founder of Moths Studio

Chris Tong Bing Yu (童冰玉) is a well-known Malaysian artist, who has recently been active in the fashion industry. Her most recent movie are “The Twins” (双生) co-produced with Eric Suen (孙耀威) last year, as well as the remake of the ever-popular movie, “Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre” (倚天屠龙记) earlier this year. Chris Tong, a renowned awardrecipient of the prestigious American Chinese Film Festival last year, also has two Chinese feature films and television series on hand. In addition to acting, Chris Tong, Founder of Moths Studio, is currently the producer of an international blockbuster, “Beyond Life and Death” and will be co-producing with Peggy Lee Ji Wen (李锦文), who represents the famous film industry group, Golden Shield Television Centre, and is also one of the most prominent figure behind the scenes supporter of this Malaysia-China cultural project cooperation.  
All the while in her entire entertainment career, Chris Tong has always been a curiosity to the public. During the press conference, Chris Tong emphasized that she is a Malaysian actress, based in Singapore, and hopes that her status as a Malaysian will create opportunities between Malaysia and other countries. As a career transition into becoming a producer, she also shared her experience and challenges in the past year. However, she insisted that she has not forgotten her origins as an actress and would never give up acting but will continue to deepen her passion for the industry. 
Chris Tong Bing Yu, a famous Malaysian actress who received an award from the prestigious American Chinese Film Festival, said, “This is a golden opportunity for Malaysian crews and talents from the Television and Film industry to gain exposure and built a name for themselves on the international stage. We hope this collaboration will propel the Malaysian entertainment industry to greater heights and make Malaysia the next ‘Hollywood of Asia”.

Mr. Chen Jie, Deputy Director of Golden Shield Television Centre

Shi Cai Wen, Chairman of Changsha LeFeng Culture Communication Co., Ltc., said, “We are excited to work with Malaysia’s Moths Studio on our first collaboration project, ‘Beyond Life & Death’. We believe Moths Studio has a lot to offer and we are determined to make this blockbuster a hit at the box office. We are truly amazed with the Malaysian culture and landscape, which we will enjoy infusing these elements into the movie”. 

Mr. Kee Kai Loon, CEO of Moths Studio

“We are honored to be working with Golden Shield Television Centre through Changsha LeFeng Culture Communication. This 5-year collaboration deal will open a lot of opportunities for not only the Malaysian television and film industry but also the tourism industry and local businesses. We hope to make Malaysia proud with this international collaboration production of ‘Beyond Life & Death’ and other future collaboration projects,” said Kee Kai Loon, CEO of Moths Studio. 

It is also worth mentioning that Anita Chui (崔碧珈), a famous European and American Marketing Director of Moths Studio, is not only an actress, but also known as a business entrepreneur in Hong Kong. Since 2017, she has been deeply involved in various film/television investments projects and even opened-up attractive investment opportunities within the European & American shores. In 2018, she successfully became the first American Chinese female producer in the French Italian Film Festival to produce the movie, ‘NAUSICA’, which is expected to be released next year. 
In addition, a Hollywood movie, ‘Don’t Forget Me’, which Anita Chui is producing, costing US $30 Million, is expected to be entirely shot in Malaysia. Moths Studio will be tasked with the production, thus, creating more job opportunities for the television and film Industry in Malaysia. There will also be another Hollywood A-level blockbuster to be co-produced next year, shot in Malaysia. With Anita Chui’s strong status, network and experience, she is poised to bring the best opportunities in the television and film industry from Europe & America into Malaysia through Moths Studio. 

Captain Khir Mohd Noor, President of PROFIMA

With the cooperation of the Tourism, Women, Family & Community Development, Tourism Malaysia, Johor Tourism Association (JTA) and the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS), it is hoped that this new joint venture and the multiple co-productions projects will place Malaysia in the right path in achieving the ‘Visit Truly Asia Malaysia 2020’ campaign goal of 30 Million tourists and enriching the creative economy.