Published by Idan Ma'at @ 18/12/2019

For 40 years, Happy Meals have been the symbol of shared moments of happiness for families around the world. To commemorate this milestone, McDonald’s Malaysia is launching the limited edition Surprise Happy Meal, featuring some of the most popular Happy Meal toys from the last four decades. The Surprise Happy Meal will be available at McDonalds restaurants nationwide starting 28 November, while stocks last.

Regarding the toys’ comeback, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of McDonald’s Malaysia, Melati Abdul Hai has this to say, “We are thrilled to bring Malaysians on this walk down memory lane with some of our most iconic Happy Meal toys series from the past such as Beanie Babies and Tamagotchi.”

“Both children and adults alike will enjoy this throwback to the toys from the 1980s and 1990s, which is surely to bring back a sense of nostalgia, especially for customers who grew up enjoying Happy Meal,” she added.

Seven of the 15 possible toys were inspired by the company’s own intellectual properties such as Grimace and the Hamburglar, along with a veritable Village People of McNuggets from the earliest years. The remaining toys date to the early ’90s and later and are tie-ins to entertainment properties (Power Rangers and Space Jam) and popular toys (Hot Wheels, Beanie Babies, Tamagotchi, My Little Pony, Furby, and Hello Kitty).