Published by Idan Ma'at @ 10/01/2020

Tealive has recently launched the Life-Long Learning campaign at Kidzania KL for the Junior Tearista aimed at promoting experiential learning and diverting children’s attention away from the gadgets. The new Tealive café establishment will expose kids to the ins and outs of being a junior tearista through hands on experiences that promote the development of useful skills.

Kidzania Kuala Lumpur’s Mayor said in a recent interview, “We’re delighted to have Tealive, one of Malaysia’s largest beverage chains and experts in their own right, partner with us to lend industry insight and work hand-in-hand to equip children with vital skill sets for the future such as self-confidence, attention to details, independence and communication skills.”

“In this new world driven by technology and gadgets, parents today face a new challenge of keeping their child away from their gadgets. What we offer at Kidzania KL is an avenue for kids to take a step back from all that screen and experience real life in fun and engaging way through one-of-a kind role play activites.” He added.

According to the CEO of Loob Holding Sdn Bhd, the brand owner of Tealive that this venture is another Tealive breakthrough and they are very excited to be chosen by Kidzania KL for such meaningful activities for the kids. They are also confident that this partnership will be a very beneficial efforts for the children and the parents.