Published by Adam Ham @ 26/01/2020

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SuperPark Malaysia, designed with Finnish heart and Finnish know-how, is a unique, purpose built, indoor activity park. SuperPark caters to people of all ages and sizes to build friendship and have fun. Since its launched in 2012 in Finland, the SuperPark concept received enthusiastic responds and the word soon spread that something big was happening. There are currently 13 SuperParks in Finland, while a myriad of branches in Hong Kong, Sweden, China, Singapore and Malaysia. According to the company’s plans, the SuperPark network will exceed 100 locations by 2023 worldwide.

Karin, Operations Supervisor of SuperPark Malaysia and Adam Ham, CEO of GCMA

Ice Skating

Pedal Car

SuperPark is the friendliest indoor activity park on earth. There are dozens of exciting activities but not a single motor. In SuperPark you shake yourself. Your body is your engine, where you can run, climb, jump and play as humans. SuperPark Malaysia offers over 25 fun, healthy and energized activities under one roof for people of all Malaysians. Boasting 40,000 sq. ft site in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. 

Skate & Scoot World

Kids Gym


Similar to the ESPN Zone entertainment park in the US, SuperPark Malaysia brings you sports & adventure theme parks including Flying Fox, Kids’s Adventure City, Pedal Car, Baseball, Robo Keeper, Street Basketball, Super Climb, Trampoline, Ice Skating and many more. 

Super Pinball

Street Basketball

3 new themed activities to bring in the year of the Rat

This Chinese New Year, SuperPark Malaysia introduced 3 new themed activities to bring in the year of the Rat along with various exclusive promotions.  

  1. FORTUNE KICKING: Shoot and try to get 2 goals out of 3 attempts to win the exclusive SPRPRK Branded 2020 Diary. (Time: 3pm & 7pm)
  2. JIANZI CHALLENGE: This challenge will be held twice a day. Only 10 guests are allowed to participate per challenge. There are 3 rounds of elimination and the last person standing will win SPRPRK branded Jigsaw Puzzle. (12:45pm & 4:45pm)
  3. EAGLE & MOTHER HEN: On every weekend towards Chinese New Year celebration, SuperPark will conduct the most popular childhood games of all time, the Eagle & Mother Hen. Each guest who participates in this game will be getting a SPRPRK branded pin as a souvenir. (Time: 3pm)

Flying Fox

Super Hoop

Kids Gym

The customer base is diverse and ranges from preschoolers through to teenagers, elite athletes, fitness class enthusiasts and corporate groups. SuperPark is the stuff of dreams. 


Rock Climbing

SuperPark Malaysia welcomes families of all sizes this Chinese New Year, and benefit from the prosperity promotions and packages between 10 January 2020 – 8 February 2020. For more details, please refer to:

Street Soccer Court