Published by Lavinesh @ 29/01/2020

Robert Kwon, Associate Director, R&D Scientific Engagement, Johnson & Johnson Asia Pacific, Chin Keat Chyuan, Managing Director, One Johnson & Johnson Malaysia and Prashant Mahalingam, Country Director of Consumer, Johnson & Johnson Malaysia at the official launch of Aveeno®.

Aveeno is a brand that offers a complete line of comprehensive skincare solutions featuring the Active Naturals Colloidal Oatmeal to help women around the world discover a naturally beautiful life. The brand has unlocked the power of a natural ingredient – oat – through scientific advances and discovered ways to nurture and transform the skin to an enhanced state of health and beauty.

Colloidal oat, which means ground oatmeal suspended in liquid medium for better application and absorption into the skin, has been a prized ingredient in skincare since ancient times. This is supported by over 60 years of clinical evidence indicating that colloidal oat formulas are effective in soothing dry, irritated skin.

Aveeno®: Discover the Power of Oats media launch

Each Aveeno Active Naturals product is uniquely formulated and scientifically proven to harness the power of the oat to deliver real skincare benefits for strong, visibly healthier skin.

For the past 70 years, Aveeno’s commitment to harness the power of oat for skin wellness has made it the most trusted brand in the US for its use of natural ingredients. Aveeno Baby is also number one among US’ pediatricians’ trusted brands.

Through scientific research and stringent formulations, Aveeno continuously discovers more secrets about nature’s ability to relieve, soothe and transform skin. One of its recent discovery is that the prebiotic properties of oat promote a balanced skin microbiome, which is fundamental for healthy, vibrant skin. This has resulted in the brand renaming its key ingredient – colloidal oat – as ‘prebiotic oat’ in some of its more recent products.

Aveeno® range that are available in Malaysia.

Prebiotics, as Aveeno scientists have found, improves the skin microbial balance. This means saying hello to a stronger skin barrier function and bidding goodbye to dry, itchy skin. Hence, all Aveeno and Aveeno Baby products are now infused with prebiotic oats.

For dry & itchy skin conditions, Dr Leong Kin Fon, a consultant pediatric dermatologist, notes that prebiotic oat is effective in providing relief. He explained that oats have four important functions as an ingredient in moisturizers: to lock-in skin moisture, reducing itchiness and redness, on top of improving the skin’s microbial balance.

Aveeno Baby® range that are available in Malaysia.

True to its brand identity of balancing groundbreaking science with nature’s best produce, Aveeno products are formulated with a farm-to-bottle commitment. This means its skincare solutions are produced through an artisanal process that preserves the freshness and goodness of carefully selected oats from its origin – the farm – all the way till it reaches women and babies in the bottle.

Aveeno’s prebiotic colloidal oats are made from food-grade, high protein, non-GMO oat grains harvested from fields of Canada, North America, the United Kingdom and France. These harvests are then processed without the use of chemical solvents and finally formulated through a stringent process designed to maintain the integrity and purity of the Aveeno Oat’s active components.

Aveeno®: Discover the Power of Oats media launch