Published by Adam Ham @ 13/02/2020

Local singers and celebrities such as Masya Masyitah, Jeryl Lee, Pink Tan, KeXin, Gary Chee, Alvin, TJM, Fara Dolhadi, Serene and Eddie Chow coming together to sing ‘You Are Not Alone’

Ong Peng Chu, a well-known music producer (Founder & CEO of On Muse) has recently taken a passionate initiative in gathering several local artists to perform a new Music Video (MV), ‘You Are Not Alone’ with the intention to showcasemoral support to China and the rest of the world, fighting against the recent Corona Virus outbreak. Local artists who have been invited to be in the MV are: Masya Masyitah, Jeryl Lee, Pink Tan, KeXin, Gary Chee, Alvin, TJM, Fara Dolhadi, Serene and Eddie Chow. The novel coronavirus that has emerged fromWuhan in China has gone from an unknown enemy to a global threat, in a matter of months.

Jeryl Lee (李佩玲) and Adam Ham, CEO of GCMA

Aside from the local singers that have shown support and concerns, this song has been specially composed by a mainland Chinese singer-songwriter - Kay (a renowned competitor in Sing! China). Meanwhile, music instruments of the song have also been composed and played by Alvin while the violin instrument was played by Dennis Lau. The recording session took only 18 hours to complete, as there was great synergies and mutual confidence, respect and love to be conveyed passionately to the people of Wuhan, as well as all others who have been affected by the crisis.  

Ong Peng Chu, Founder & CEO of On Muse

Artists who were involved in the process of recording this song took this opportunity to express their blessings and emotions to those who have been in this unfortunate situation. Jeryl Lee (李佩玲), who was in Penang even changed her schedule to travel back to KL to make time to contribute and play her part in this momentous occasion.

Masya Masyitah

“We felt very heart-broken thinking about the misfortunes when we were singing the song, but it only made us wanna sing this song passionately without asking for anything in return. I genuinely hope that those who have been affected at all levels will hear our blessings and wishes for their speedy recovery,” said Masya Masyitah. 


Music Video (MV): ‘You Are Not Alone’

As part of the concerted efforts in the past few days for the MV, Ong Peng Chu hopes that through this significant music social welfare collaboration between Malaysia and China, would effectively spread positive vibes, care, love and encouragement to all who have been affected in the crisis. 


Local artists conveying their thoughts, prayers and reactions contributing to Ong Peng Chu's MV for a good cause.