Published by Lavinesh @ 18/02/2020

Inviting Malaysia to become Future Ready with TNG RFID

Touch ‘n Go brings technology-driven solutions to Malaysians with the sale of its Touch ‘n Go *TNG) RFID Tag for road users. TNG RFID Tags will be available for purchase at RM35 across all fitment centers nationwide, starting 15 February 2020. This includes first time replacement on the same vehicle (no time period). This comes after a successful public pilot program that spanned across 22 highways in the past 18 months.

In conjunction with the launch, Touch ‘n Go also announced a promotion to bring TNG RFID to communities. From 15 February to 15 April 2020, 40 lucky winners will walk away with the Ultimate RFID Toll Pass worth RM2,500 each in the Touch ‘n Go eWallet.

TNG RFID launch officiated by Touch ‘n Go CEO, Syahrunizam Samsudin

Touch ‘n Go aims to champion Malaysia’s mobility agenda through inclusive technology that addresses the needs of connected communities in smart cities of today. RFID is an important component of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and propels Malaysia to the level of countries such as Singapore, Taiwan and China.

Globally, 70.5 million vehicles are connected through RFID technology. The RFID tag market is also expecting a 7 percent compound annual growth rate between 2017 – 2022. Asia Pacific is seen as a driving force behind this growth.

TNG RFID Tag Packaging

TNG RFID allows for real-time tracking and analysis that improves traffic efficiency, road safety and infrastructure usage. Touch ‘n Go is working closely with its partners to introduce TNG RFID solutions that will improve experiences for Malaysians across fueling, parking and retail use cases.

The introduction of RFID is aligned with the government’s efforts towards multi-lane free flow (MLFF) and improving the highway experience for Malaysians.

Unveiling of Future Ready RFID TNG Tag

TNG RFID is an electronic payment system that uses a TNG RFID Tag to pass through tolls. TNG RFID Tag has an embedded radio-frequency chip and is affixed to either the windscreen or the headlamp of the vehicle. As the vehicle passes through the RFID toll lane, an overhead scanner reads the radio-frequency from the TNG RFID Tag and deducts the toll fare. The TNG RFID is linked to the user’s Touch ‘n Go eWallet account. TNG RFID provides a seamless experience to users, with no additional devices or batteries needed and online reloads via the Touch ‘n Go eWallet. 

Aligned with efforts to introduce more technology-driven services, Touch ‘n Go also encourages users to add their cards into the Touch ‘n Go eWallet to avoid it from going dormant. Further to this, faster e-refund for cards will also be provided to users who have completed their e-KYC process in the Touch ‘n Go eWallet. Refunds below the value of RM10 will be provided within 24 hours, while refunds above the value of RM10 will be refunded within 7 to 14 working days.