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The “Buka Puasa” buffet

KLCC's Culinary Experts

With Ramadan around the corner, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (the Centre) will take diners on "A Journey Through Time" with authentic family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation together with a fusion of traditional and modern dishes. These specially crafted dishes are prepared by the Centre's award-winning chefs and will be available to the public and corporate organizations this Ramadan.

Fried chicken with chilies and herbs

daging masak hitam

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre's Executive Chef, Hisham Bin Jaafar mentioned, "We are really excited about showcasing our chef's 'Authentic Family Recipes' with our guests. For example, Chef Asri's gulai pedas chilli api udang bersama nangka muda is a recipe cooked by his grandmother, who would make this special dish on the first day of Ramadan.". He added that “it was the sweet memories of spending time with his grandmother that inspired Asri to become a chef and to specialize in Malay cuisine.”.

Local snacks and drinks

"ayam masak kunyit"

The Centre delivers a well-deserved 6-star dining experience from the moment you enter until you leave. Upon entering the buffet, diners are greeted with a warm welcome by the staff and chefs of the Centre ensuring the service and comfort of all. A pleasant and soothing ambiance is immediately recognized as the lighting is well balanced and the decorations of the hall and tables are well suited to the Ramadan theme. Diners at the Centre will enjoy an immersive and engaging experience with its popular ‘Chef Action Stations’ where culinary experts prepare the dishes in batches from time-to-time to ensure the utmost quality when diners receive their food. Aside from that, the dishes are described in an accurate, easy-to-read manner and the food is presented elegantly. The hospitality provided by the Centre, and the taste of the food at the “buka puasa” buffet is second to none, and beyond comparison. 

Chef Asri's gulai pedas chilli api udang bersama nangka muda

Table settings

The sushi selection

The buffet highlights various traditional Malay cuisines and a diversity of dishes from cuisines all over the world. Among the dishes prepared by the Centre’s culinary experts are the sup tulang rawan kicap bersama sambal cili padi, daging gulai kuwah, daging masak hitam, Portuguese banana leaf grilled seafood, Japanese teriyaki, a selection of Sushi, roasted fish tikka, Hainanese chicken rice, the famous roasted Harissa whole lamb and the most succulent roasted beef ribs. Enjoy a variety of kuih-muih and other local desserts such as banana fritters, puddings, jellies, pineapple tarts and many more. 

Roasted Harissa whole lamb

Roasted Beef Ribs

Dessert options

The “Buka Puasa” buffet is available from 27th April until 20th May 2020. A 10% early bird discount will be awarded to bookings made before 31st March.


Prices are as follows:

RM155 nett per person OR RM132 nett for corporate organizations (100 pax and above)


Make your bookings at www.klcccconventioncentre.com or call +603 2333 2866 / +603 2333 2877

gulai pedas chilli api udang bersama nangka muda

sup tulang rawan kicap bersama sambal cili padi