Published by Lavinesh @ 17/03/2020

Dato' Mike Loh, ARFF President (2020-2022) with Former President of ARFF (2018-2020), Prof. Dato' Dr. Jayles Yeoh

It was announced on Monday, 16 March 2020 that the ASEAN Retail-Chains & Franchise Federation (ARFF) will be represented by Dato’ Mike Loh (Snips Salon Sdn Bhd), as the President moving forward from the year 2020-2022, together with its new council members with immediate effect. Vice Presidents of the ARFF include Dato' Frankie Ng (Metro Eyewear Holdings Sdn Bhd), Dato' Sri Sabaruddin Ahmad (Myek Global Sdn Bhd), Dato' Alan Foo (Star Planet) and Patrick K.K. On (GBC KL Tradehelper Sdn Bhd). The appointed Secretary-General is Danny Goh (Symphony Tree Sdn Bhd) together with Kenneth Quah (Phoenix Asia Academy of Technology) as the Deputy Secretary-General. The newly appointed treasurer is Yen Sek Wai (International Wealth Holdings Sdn Bhd), and the Deputy Treasurer, Carmen Soo (Spec Truck Sdn Bhd).  The members of the council are Dato' Winson Chan (Station One Bhd), Dato' Goh Cheh Yak (Gintell Sdn Bhd), Dato' Law Ban Seng, Tan Sung Siong (T Connect Sdn Bhd), Raymond Woo (Arori (M) Sdn Bhd), Mohan K. (Adastra Intellectual Property Sdn Bhd), Jimmy Tan (Stello (M) Sdn Bhd), and Jennifer Chin (TRN Marketing Sdn Bhd). Dato' Steve Manpal Singh Sachdev (Manjit Singh Sachdev, Mohammad Radzi & Partners) will remain as the legal advisor for this term.

ARFF Council members (2020-2022)

Dato' Mike Loh, ARFF President (2020-2022) said, "It is a challenging post, as these are trying times now that the Covid-19 outbreak has become a lethal threat on a global scale, but I am confident in my position and will continue to facilitate retailers and franchisors in their global expansion through ARFF. As for the future of ARFF, we aim to digitize our platform to online sources and 'apps' which will substantially expand our reach to more retail and franchise businesses.".

Dato' Mike Loh, President of ARFF (2020-2022)

Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Datuk Richard Koh, Honorary Advisor of ARFF, felicitated Dato' Mike Loh and the council members of the ARFF saying, "Congratulations to Dato' Mike and the new council members. I am certain that they will bring ARFF to the next level."

Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Datuk Richard Koh, Honorary Advisor of ARFF

Former President of ARFF (2018-2020), Prof. Dato' Dr. Jayles Yeoh, mentioned, "I would like to congratulate Dato' Mike Loh for taking over the initiative of the ARFF. With many old faces and several new ones in the council, I hope that he will be able to launch the ASEAN Chancellor, which could not be achieved during my term.". 

Former President of ARFF (2018-2020), Prof. Dato' Dr. Jayles Yeoh

ARFF is concerned for the financial state of the country and its people during this outbreak, which has led them to join the Covid-19 Special Taskforce Secretariat for NGOs and Entrepreneurs. With this movement, ARFF hopes to help business owners and employees all over Malaysia by pleading to the government to exempt certain taxes and a reduction of obligated payments such as EPF & SOCSO, so that employees can better sustain themselves during this outbreak.