Published by Lavinesh @ 01/04/2020

Mike Xu, Chief Executive Officer of vivo Malaysia (On the Right) and Person in Charge from Mercy Malaysia (On the Left).

Vivo Malaysia together with Mercy Malaysia (Non-Profit Organization) donated 20,000 face masks to those in need during this critical situation of the Covid-19 outbreak. Billions of people are confined to their homes worldwide but some are working under incredible pressure in the battle against this fatal Covid-19 virus. It is the duty of every citizen of Malaysia to obey the Movement Control Order and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Vivo Malaysia is adamant to help in protecting the people of Malaysia from any respiratory illnesses, and addresses the matter regarding shortages of face masks in Malaysia by contributing 20,000 face masks to Malaysian citizens with hopes to fight this fatal epidemic crisis. 

Mr. Mike Xu, Chief Executive Officer of vivo Malaysia mentioned, “As residents of Malaysia, we try to play our part in helping our community in providing valuable supplies to the people in need. Together, we stay strong and battle this pandemic.” Then added, “Together, we will fulfill our civic duty to the country, in accordance with our Prime Minister’s saying, ‘Berat Sama Dipikul, Ringan Sama Dijinjing’.” as he encourages Malaysians to work together throughout these difficult times.

Vivo Malaysia donates 20,000 masks to the people in need through Mercy Malaysia.