Published by Lavinesh @ 23/04/2020

Viu Original series, Pretty Little Liars

Known for her roles in Polis Evo and the Juvana Movie franchise, Wan Atiqa Farhana Binti Wan Sarmizi, or better known as Eyka Farhana, is starring in the Viu Original series, Pretty Little Liars. It is an adaptation of the prolific American Warner Brothers' mystery drama of the same name, set in the fictional town of Amerta, Bali.

Valerie Thomas , Eyka Farhana , Shindy Huang, and Anya Geraldine

The story follows the lives of four female students Hanna (Anya Geraldine), Ema (Eyka Farhana), Sabrina (Valerie Thomas), and Aria (Shindy Huang), when their queen bee, Alissa, mysteriously disappears. The group falls apart with the loss of Alissa; and reunites a year later upon receiving messages from a mysterious figure known as "A" who threatens to expose their darkest secrets.

Pretty Little Liars poster

The series was directed by the six-time Indonesian Film Festival Award winner, Emil Heradi. In addition to the main cast, the series showcases several Indonesian actors such as Wulan Guritno, Tarra Budiman, and Irgi Fahrezi, alongside young rising stars such as Jennifer Coppen and Marcell Darwin.

Director Emil Heradi said, "The series was fully shot in Bali, with a brilliant cast and top-notch feature film crew that was focused on showcasing excellent Asian cinematic values to the world. The characters and relationships have been adapted for local appeal, while the strong twists and turns of the original series were given a Viu-style makeover. I appreciate Viu's expertise in taking international formats and making them locally relevant."

All 10 of the 45-minute episodes of Pretty Little Liars was released on Viu on 22nd April 2020.