Published by Lavinesh @ 23/04/2020

Datuk Seri Garry Chua, President of Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA)

The Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA) led by Datuk Seri Garry Chua, has established a strategic task force, called MRCA MCO Action Bureau (MMAB), aimed at assisting all MRCA members in combating the adverse effects and impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The MMAB will consist of several units, which are the Eminent Advisory Group (President Council and Advisors& Renowned Entrepreneurs), Bureau Working Committee (Council Members, Business and Operational Personnel)and Professional Advisors (Legal, Taxation and Accounting Professionals)

Recognizing that there are short-term, mid-term, and long-term effects for recovery, the MMAB will strive hard to meet its intentions in helping MRCA Members to sail through this challenging phase. The objectives and goals of the MMAB are as follows:

  1.  To work with the Government and all its related agencies on stimulant packages, and tangible and intangible means to address the pressing issues, challenges, and burden faced by MRCA Members covering essential areas, especially those that are significantly and adversely impacted.
  2.  To engage with MRCA Members to ascertain their difficulties, and to provide advice and all assistance within its means during this difficult time. MMAB will make suggestions and help to look at interim and alternative solutions. For example, MMAB can suggest the use of other operatives and technologies to change Member's current business models and the like. 
  3.  To work with the Financial Institutions on possibilities of securing loans and additional financial help. 
  4. To champion initiatives and interact with other NGOs, whose members are also impacted by this pandemic, to help each other and create mutual benefits.
  5. To advise Members on Business Continuity Management measures, especially on their business processes and IT Systems.
  6.  To provide MRCA Members on professional matters related to legal, taxation, accounting, financing, and such.

The MMAB will set up a new Facebook Communication Channel as soon as possible, to allow MRCA Members to reach out to the MMAB. The MRCA will always remain committed to its core values and objectives in serving all Members.