Compelling Storyline Empowers the Digital Economy

Published by Anuar Mat Saat @ 14/08/2015

Eric Pearson, Producer, Silver Hammer Studios (Thailand)

In this digital age, the definition of ‘quality content’ may be interpreted in many ways. How quality is perceived varies depending on target audience, industry, or demographic. There are many common elements that are reliable, consistent indicators of quality.

So what is quality content and how can it empower the economy? The topic brought insightful discussions among industry professionals at the Fast Track Southeast Asia 2015 conference, during “Asian Content” session hosted by Marini Ramlan, General Manager of Content Innovation and Digital at Primeworks Studios.

The essential element of quality content is a good storyline. A good storyline defines the quality and value to the end users. A good story is memorable, relatable, and adheres to a near certain perfectionism. Eric Pearson, General Manager of Silver Hammer Studios (Thailand) said, “To make it out in the world, think of your script. A good script writer can connect, and think of human stories to tell”.

Truth can be said throughout the ASEAN region. A good story transcends cultural and language barrier. The content can be monetized in many different ways. A marketable content creates the opportunity for cross-border collaboration and co-creation, known as the process of creating content to distribute globally.

Uday Singh, Managing Director of Motion Picture Distributors Association (MPDA) India reiterated, “We can observe how co-creation has created contents that are distributed in various forms. It can be local for local, local for global, global for local and global for global.”

In order to compete in the borderless digital world, the discussion concluded that the industry players must ensure that the content we export adheres to international standards and guidelines. Good story resulted in quality content, and with various prospects for local content makers to compete globally, Malaysia has the opportunity to be a key player in the creative industry.

MD, Motion Picture Distributors Association (MPDA) India