Published by Lavinesh @ 28/04/2020

Jeryl Lee Pei Ling, International Superstar

Ong Peng Chu, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of OnMuse Music, alongside Executive Producer, Aesos Lai, has collaborated with a well-known Indonesian music producer and composer, Chossy Pratama, to compose and release Jeryl Lee's first-ever English single entitled 'Respect 1,000,0000' that premieres on Sunday, 26th April 2020. The song that was released on YouTube was created to honor and pay tribute to front-liners that have placed their lives on the line to curb the pandemic.  

With an astounding recovery rate of more than 60% (3,862/5,780 recovered cases), Malaysia has become a symbol of hope for many countries in the Asia-Pacific; this was made possible by the co-operation of Malaysian Citizens during the quarantine and the enthusiastic efforts of front-line workers to suppress this epidemic.

The ASEAN Collaborated team was moved by the efforts of medical front line workers such as doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers. They have been working tirelessly to fight this epidemic and should be highly commended for it. These producers and artists dedicated three full days to produce, compose, and record the 'Respect 1,000,0000' song from home.

Ong Peng Chu, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of OnMuse Music (Producer)

Ong Peng Chu said, "On behalf of everyone, we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the brave front liners. Not all superheroes wear capes, our love and heartfelt gratitude go out to all the superheroes risking their lives battling against the virus." 

"We hope to leave a lasting impact on listeners everywhere with our sincerely written lyrics. I want to invite everyone to join hands in showing our support for front-liners through this inspiring song," added Aesos Lai. 

Aesos Lai, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Sunshine Kingdom Sdn Bhd (Executive Producer)

International superstar, Jeryl Lee, (supposed participant of MIDEM Music Festival 2020 in Cannes, France that was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic) who took China by storm with her angelic voice at the Chinese singing competition 'Sing! China' back in 2016, has lent her alluring voice to deliver an inspiring number. As Jeryl Lee is seen singing the song in the music video, she executes it with real emotions and has stolen the hearts of many with her heaven-sent voice.

Chossy Pratama, Indonesian Music Producer and Composer

Chossy Pratama mentioned that the collaboration between the Malaysian Producers and Indonesian Producer was intended to inspire citizens of the Asia-Pacific to express their gratitude towards front-liners while putting cultural differences aside.

"The song was named 'Respect 1,000,0000' as a metaphor. 1 Million is to most people an achievable milestone; to others, it is a sign of abundance. There is no doubt that there isn't a number to signify how much we appreciate the efforts of our front-liners, but for now, let us present it as a Million.

As people of musical background, this is the best way we can express our gratitude. We urge everyone to show their appreciation towards front-liners, even by sharing 'Respect 1,000,0000' song it would contribute to notifying front-liners that we are keeping them in our hearts." Chossy Pratama concluded.



RESPECT 1,000,000

Song         :         Chossy Pratama

Lyrics         :         Chossy Pratama, Aesos Lai, Ong Peng Chu

Producer   :         Chossy Pratama, Ong Peng Chu

Executive  :         Aesos Lai


Artist         :        Jeryl Lee Pei Ling



Suddenly I realise

That everyone’s heart cries

Since the early hours of the year

Day by day, becomes more severe


In the middle of the darkest day

In the middle of the night

You stood guard for us all alone

While we keep safe all at home


You are the one

You are a soldier without guns

You are the one

You weather the danger, risk your lives


You are the one

You listen to all the fears around

You are the one

So grateful to have you all around


You’re the one

We respect you a million times

A million times, a million times and more

We respect you a million times




Arrangement : Chossy Pratama

Keys – Programming : Chossy Pratama

Guitar : Steven Mandala

Tracking : Frankie Di Hoya

Mixing + Mastering : Chossy Pratama

Studio : proMidi Jakarta

Prramix12 + Horus + Anubis