Published by Lavinesh @ 05/05/2020

Excella Chong's latest single, "You Are Never Alone" Music Video release

Malaysian singer-songwriter, Excella Chong, has released the music video of her newest single, "You Are Never Alone," on her YouTube channel today. The dedication and commitment of medical front-liners, which directly contributed to flattening the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic, was the inspiration behind the song. The restrictions of the Movement Control Order (MCO) and limited resources, has led International music producer, Ong Peng Chu, to use creative methods to produce this music video from home. Through her music video, Excella Chong aims to convey a message of hope and spread positivity in a time that it is needed most.

Malaysia has now achieved a recovery rate of over 70% and has seen a significant reduction in new cases. These results could not have been achieved without the tireless efforts of medical front-liners; thus, Excella Chong wishes to express her gratitude towards them through her song, "You Are Never Alone".

Through the NGOs, The Giving Bank Organization, that utilizes crowdfunding to raise funds for humanitarian causes, and Lejadi Foundation (Local Charitable Foundation), Excella Chong initiated a fundraising campaign as a platform that serves as an opportunity for Malaysian Citizens to contribute and show their support towards front-liners. The campaign has seen a considerable amount of donations up to this point and will continue to receive donations until the MCO is over.

"I wish to inspire others through the story in my music video and to let front-liners, as well as COVID-19 patients, know that they are never alone, we're in this together. I will do my part by donating to medical front-liners through funds raised for this song," said Excella Chong.

With limitations in workspace, funding, and equipment due to the MCO, the collaborative effort between renowned music producer, Ong Peng Chu, Founder of ONMUSE and co-producer Alisam, production manager of TOC Production took nearly two months to produce the Music Video. Excella mentions that filming from home was a struggle but she pushes through it to express her love and appreciation in her unique way.

Excella invites all Malaysians to join hands in showing gratitude towards front-liners by sharing the "You Are Never Alone" Music Video on social media platforms, so that it may reach the front-liners.

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