Published by Kevin Chong @ 05/06/2020

Image captured in a music studio

A representative of over 300 locally incorporated recording companies, the Recording Industry Association of Malaysia (RIM), fully supports and encourages the Minister of Communications and Multimedia, Dato' Saifuddin Abdullah's movement to reassess the National Creative Industry Policy (NCIP). With regard to the limitations in funding towards the creative industry, RIM believes that an audit ought to be conducted to allow a more transparent ecosystem for the national creative industry. 

Kenny Ong, Chairman of RIM, says that "RIM sincerely hopes that under the leadership and guidance of the Minister, Dato' Saifuddin Abdullah, that the creative industry will be given its rightful place on the National Agenda."

RIM has suggested several objectives that can be improved in the current NCIP, which are: 

  • Promoting the welfare of music industry players and resolve their issues, for example, registration and documentation of individuals (SOCSO, EPF, IRB), entrepreneurship and bank loans
  • Re-establishing matching grants for local repertoire i.e., Music production & marketing, tour support
  • To support accreditation programs which recognize and celebrates the best of the various creative industries, such as the Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) show
  • Introducing tax breaks and incentives to attract more corporate investments for the development of the local industry
  • Establishing Malaysia as a music and art country by improving its venue circuits & infrastructure
  • Improve the local institutional support i.e., accessing public institutions for support and permits for the development of live music scene
  • Revision of existing laws, copyright, and enforcement in music practices such as publishing, licensing, and distribution

During this pandemic, music has been proven to be more important than ever. Many musicians and artists have collaborated with media platforms to participate in online fundraising concerts to keep the public entertained while 'staying at home' and raising funds for those in need during the quarantine. Although the music industry has been affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, RIM is keen that there are also opportunities to rise in every situation; they are working with industry players to explore more possibilities and, more importantly, to survive this catastrophe. In the meantime, RIM is also conversing with Reed MIDEM through GCMA for a possible coordination of the Global Music event, MIDEM Music Festival 2021, that will promote exposure for local artistes in the global market.

"RIM fully supports the initiatives from MCM, and we look forward to working together with MCM, Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC), FINAS, corporate entities, and agencies too, to further develop the national creative industry which provides much economic and social benefit to this nation," Kenny concluded.