Published by Kevin Chong @ 26/06/2020

Domino's Pizza has introduced an innovative way of performing drive-through/takeaway service through "Pandu Ambil," nationwide. The motive of Pandu Ambil is to provide a hassle-free ordering experience while adhering to the practice of contactless service, enabling a healthy boundary for consumers.


Upon making an order via Domino's website or mobile application, customers will be required to submit their vehicle details online for identification purposes, when they arrive at the store. Customers then make their way to the store and head towards a designated spot, right in front of the store entrance, to receive their order from a store member that will pass the order at the customer's car window.


For a limited time, those who opt to Pandu Ambil will have a chance to enjoy the Buy 1 Free 2 Pandu Ambil deal, which includes a Free regular Pizza, one choice of bread side, and a 1.5-liter bottle of Tropicana Twister.


Chief Executive Officer of Domino's Pizza Malaysia, Shamsul Amree, said, "In line with our brand promise of 'It's All About You,' Domino's firmly believes in a continuous digital transformation journey as we leverage on technology for greater efficiency and superior service standards."