Published by Kevin Chong @ 03/08/2020

NESCAFÉ® M-Junction drive-in cinema (audience view)

NESCAFÉ® M-Junction drive-in cinema officially screened their first movie, Legacy Of Lies on 29 July 2020 at Malaysia Tourism Center (MATIC), Kuala Lumpur. M-Junction drive-in cinema's main sponsor is NESCAFÉ® as in their name; besides that, MAGGI® and KITKAT® are the official food sponsor and official snack sponsor, respectively. Local movie, Jangan Pandang Belakang, was played on the second session of the day when it was dark to add to the horror and thrills of the movie. 

Rudy Irwan (Director of MATIC), Syed Yahya Syed Othman (Director Productionof Tourism Malaysia), Jack Gill (Director of MD Events Asia) Othman Chraibi (Business Executive Officer of the Beverages Business Unit, Nestlé (Malaysia)Berhad)and Arvin Randhawa (CEO of TwoSpicy Entertainment Live)

Movies are screened twice daily for the next three months, once at 6 pm and the other at 9 pm and are priced at RM99 per car for the standard package and RM159 for the VIP Package (2 Pax Maximum) that are inclusive of 2 meals. NESCAFÉ® M-Junction drive-in cinema will feature both local and international movies on a 4 by 9 meter LED screen and can accommodate a maximum of 50 cars. Upon entering the cinema, temperature checks will be taken before providing each vehicle with a portable speaker and battery-powered fans. 

Aerial parking view of the outdoor cinema at Malaysia Tourism Center (MATIC)

Additional drinks, food from food trucks under the Mobile Food Truck and Street Food Association (MSA), and Absolute Popcorn can be purchased at the cinema by scanning a QR code to submit orders. To minimize contact and reduce queues, a cashless online system is created, and food and drinks are delivered directly to visitors’ cars. This event is a joint effort between local event companies TwoSpicy Entertainment Live and MD Events Asia and has acquired a lot of traction on social media since its preview. 

Movie screening at the NESCAFÉ® M-Junction drive-in cinema

NESCAFÉ® M-Junction also promotes the reduction of Carbon Dioxide emissions which is the reason behind supplying rechargeable fans and portable speakers to encourage audience members to turn off their car radios and air conditioning system for the duration of the movie, as a symbol of commitment to the planet. 

Syafiqah Ishak, RTM TV Personality enjoying the screening of Jangan Pandang Belakang

Othman Chraibi, Business Executive Officer of the Beverages Business Unit, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad commented, “Many people have not been able to sit back and enjoy the simple things in life – like a movie night out due to the recent circumstances. At NESCAFÉ® we want to encourage people to appreciate the moments; big or small. The NESCAFÉ® M-Junction drive-in cinema is the perfect opportunity for people to enjoy a great movie with friends with a cup of NESCAFÉ® whilst practicing social distancing!”

Rudy Irwan (Director of MATIC Director), Arvin Randhawa (CEO of TwoSpicy Entertainment Live ), Othman Chraibi (Business Executive Officer of the Beverages Business Unit, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad), Jack Gill (Director of MD Events Asia), Ahmad Idham (CEO of National Film Development Corporation Malaysia/FINAS), Syed Yahya Syed Othman (Director of Production of Tourism Malaysia) and Datin Zarina Dollah Judin (Deputy Director of Tourism Malaysia)