Published by Kevin Chong @ 08/09/2020

For RM10, there are few to no dishes that can come close to being as complete and satisfying of a meal as the renowned Chicken Rice. Adored by Malaysians all over the country, the Hainanese chicken rice has been a significant dish for centuries, ever since the Qin Dynasty. This hearty meal has seen variations and adaptations in many countries over the years; however, TKC Roast aims to keep the flavors as close to the original with his family's recipe of over 82 years, through their newly launched chicken rice restaurant in Shah Alam. 

The 1st generation of the restaurant owner's family has been selling chicken rice at Petaling Street (Nam Heong Chicken Rice) since the 1930s, and Tan Kai Chong (TKC), the grandson of the original founder of Nam Heong Chicken Rice, is incorporating his legendary family recipes into the dishes in his restaurant, TKC Roast. According to him, the inspiration behind naming the restaurant 大家姐 TKC Roast, meaning "elder sister", is to commemorate the soldiers left behind during World War II. 

In addition to the highly hospitable staff at TKC Roast, the vintage designs and decor bring a sense of nostalgia, warmth, and comfort to all that dines-in at this establishment. Be prepared to be blown away by their mouthwatering Hainanese specialties, such as the Hainanese Steamed Chicken, Hainanese Steamed Kampung Chicken, Roasted Chicken, Roasted Pork, and Char Siew. One can never go wrong with either of these selections, as all of them are equally as juicy and addictive. These dishes are perfect to be accompanied by flavor-packed soups that can be ordered on the side; among the most delicious ones are the Double Boiled Lotus Root Soup, Double Boiled Black Chicken with Herbs Soup, and the Beef Brisket Soup, that will blow minds. 

Speaking of side orders, when visiting TKC Roast, do not miss the opportunity to try their delectable, lip-smacking traditional dishes to be ordered on the side as well. The succulent Braised Pork Belly with Yam and Bean Sauce is to die for, bursting a perfect balance of umami in every bite. Other exquisite must-try traditional dishes are the Hakka style Braised Trotter with Black Vinegar and Dry Chilli, Assam Fish with TKC Homemade Sauce, Curry Mutton, and Dang Gui Chicken Feet with Mushroom. 

After tasting the food at TKC Roast, it is clear that the restaurant pays attention to detail and cooks with passion. The extraordinary flavors presented through their dishes truly display the experience and heritage of the 82-year-old family recipes. The consistency of this restaurant is unparallel; Part of the reason is because the hardworking owner, Tan Kai Chong, puts his best efforts to ensure the quality and taste of the food at all times. Chicken Rice lovers, prepare to be amazed.