Published by Kevin Chong @ 10/09/2020

Alvin Chong

Malaysian singer and actor Alvin Chong released his latest "dangdut" single, Sayangku Salmah, in late August 2020. The artiste has played lead roles in numerous Malay dramas and is loved by many for his acting skills. In the Malaysian music industry on the other hand, he was yet to be recognized by Malaysians as a singer despite his efforts through his singles Lagu Mu, Mencintaimu, Tajam, Tak Terganti, and more.

Alvin Chong with Kenny Ong, Managing Director of Universal Music Malaysia

Alvin Chong is not ready to face defeat or give up, rather, he has decided to take a different approach by singing a song in the genre of dangdut, and hope that this approach might bring him recognition in Malaysia as a singer. Before the official launch of the song and music video, the artiste shared his latest single, Sayangku Salmah, to his fans on TikTok and has exceeded more than 20 million views in just 2 weeks.

According to the artiste, the song was named Sayangku Salmah because Salmah is a common name in our community, and everyone has a friend, or a family member named Salmah; It merely represents and symbolizes the woman in the song and music video. The song revolves around a story of a love that did not last, as many people are not able to find love to last a lifetime. Some are even forced to separate because of their racial differences, traditions, and religion.

Adam Ham, CEO of GCMA with Alvin Chong

“This music video follows a story of two lovers that have given up on love for an unspecified reason. I leave the reason for the separation to the imagination of my viewers, be it the unfaithfulness of the boyfriend, family disagreement, forced marriage, or anything else,” said Alvin Chong.

Alvin Chong at the launch of his new single, Sayangku Salmah

Apart from all this, the music video of Sayangku Salmah was shot in a form of a travelogue, as it was part of a collaboration between Air Asia and Universal Music Malaysia under the publishing of REDCARPET. The collaboration with REDCARPET promotes the artiste in the ASEAN region, while also promoting the beautiful attractions in Malaysia to the ASEAN countries.

“When watching the travelogue, you will be able to see that the locations selected are not main attractions for tourists. I want everyone to know that our country is filled with exciting and beauty places. The shooting was done in Kelantan, Terengganu, and Cameron Highlands for each of the episodes that will be released on 14 September and 21 September respectively,” Alvin Chong added.