Published by Kevin Chong @ 10/09/2020

Fazura introducing her Skincare products

Malaysian Singer Fazura has officially hit more than 7 million streams worldwide. The song that was recorded in Los Angeles with music producer Willy Beaman and singer-songwriter Cameron Forbes dominated the iTunes Malaysia Chart just hours upon its release.

Kenny Ong - Managing Director of Universal Music Malaysia celebrating 7 Million streams of Fazura's Single, 'Can't Forget Me'

"I will always be humbled by all the support that I have received from my fans and Universal Music Malaysia for this song. ‘Can't Forget Me’ was definitely one of my favorite songs to record, and it always gives me that little burst of self-empowerment when I’m having a tough day,” said Fazura. 

Launch of Fazura Skincare

Meanwhile, Fazura has also launched her skincare line called ‘Fazura Skincare’. The exclusive set comes with a face wash, face scrub, night and day cream, and a travel-size serum. Fazura Skincare is gentle on acne-prone skin, and it has anti-aging and brightening properties that moisturize and hydrates the user’s skin.

Fazura Skincare Set

Fazura shared that she gets asked often on how she achieves and maintains her flawless and youthful skin, and due to popular demand by her fans and friends, she has decided to venture into her own range of skincare products, and reveal the secrets to her beauty. 

Fazura's flawless skin

Fazura mentioned that “I’ve always been passionate about caring for my skin. After long days of shoots with heavy make-up and always being on the move, I know how important it is to have the right skincare products and routine to make sure my skin is cleansed properly after.”

The Fazura Skincare set is now available for sale in Malaysia for an introductory price of only RM89.90. Follow @fazuraskincare on Instagram for more information and the latest updates.

Fazura with her Husband, Fattah Amin

Group Photo