Published by Kevin Chong @ 30/09/2020

Official Launch of the Car King Academy

Dato’ Dr. Calvin Yap held a pre-launch ceremony, celebrating the launch of his new institute based in Cheras. Known as the ‘Car King’ for having sold over 1 million units of used cars, Dato’ Dr. Calvin Yap has long intended to create a physical platform to share his knowledge and proficiency in buying and reselling used cars. The noble master of car sales has now accomplished that by launching the Car King Academy (previously announced as International Automotive Certified Institute), where he can share the skills he acquired from decades of experience with participants of the Car King Academy. Dato’ Dr. Calvin Yap, together with his team of professional trainers – Dato’ Clifford Oh, Chester Yap, Zero Lee, Yi Wen, and CK Lum, will lead every participant to great successes.

Dato’ Dr Calvin Yap (Founder & President of Car King Agency & UI Hire Berhad)

The first thing that becomes clear when sitting in the seminar is that Dato ‘Car king’ is always very inspirational and uplifting. Anyone who has spoken to him will immediately remember his quote, “one should be persistent, confident, and not be discouraged or shy to approach potential customers or clients and to always dream big.” Being educated by this esteemed gentleman is a privilege because Dato’ Dr. Calvin Yap is always helpful and open to sharing his knowledge with anyone that approaches him. 

Dato' Dr. Calvin Yap and his team

His career in car sales started from his family business, the Yap Brothers Group, one of the most sought-after companies in the used car industry, where he worked through his sweat to build and grow his family business. Now, with over 32 years of success and experience, he wishes to give back to society with his car selling platform through a GIG economy system that can potentially turn investors into millionaires.

Dato’ Clifford Oh (CEO of UI Hire)

“I wish only to help the community learn and grow in the used car industry. Through my program, I aim to share my knowledge and expertise in this industry through a method that is low risk, low investment, and very profitable,” said Dato’ Dr. Calvin.

Dato' Dr. Calvin Yap with the participants of Car King Academy

Present at the pre-launch event was the trainers and participants of Car King Academy, as well as the Press and Media.  Interested parties can visit Dato’ Dr. Calvin Yap’s new facility at Boulevard, Connaught Avenue, No.38, Jalan 9, Taman Bukit Cheras, or visit wesellforyou.online & https://www.facebook.com/dcycarking/ for more information.

Known as the Car King for selling over 1 million used cars, majority of the cars sold are luxury vehicles